Nobody Cares...

Nobody Cares...

I was talking with my little cousin last week when she came back from school, and she told me about a 14-year-old girl who committed suicide...

She said the girl was being bullied in school by her friends and that people always made jest of her in school, she had complained to her head teacher, but she didn't do anything about it.

She talked to her mum, but her mum made her feel worse by calling her dumb.

She hanged herself one of those days when no one was at home after writing the words 'Nobody Cares' on a piece of paper.

Her mother who came back from work and found her daughter dead was devastated.

Suicide is never an option.

Parents should try as much as possible to be close to their wards.

Make out time to hear them out.

Do not judge them as being feeble.

Make time to go to their schools and talk to their teachers, to help them tackle those schools' bullies.

Teach your child how to defend themselves. Don't just debunk their complaints.

Sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear and encouraging words not necessarily money.

Dear Teen, whatever you are going through is not your end...

All because you are hearing voices in your head doesn't mean you should opt for suicide.

Speak up and seek help when and if you need it.

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