Life is full of uncertainties and many worries one of which is knowing that every decision and choice you make either puts you closer or farther from fulfilling your God’s given purpose in life.

No wonder every single person always searches and longs for one thing that makes them fill like they are living. Some hold on to fame like it brings joy, others hold on to money like that is the only way they can live. Some even hold on to their Partners or relationships as if without it they can’t stand.

They don’t realize that fame, money, and relationships are like perishable goods that no matter what, always have a lifespan and they don’t owe you their loyalty.

So instead of holding on to something that won’t hold on to you. Why don’t you hold on to someone who regardless of what you do or who you are will always stand by you, someone who does not judge us based on what you do, someone who regardless of how long it takes for you to come close, He will still wait patiently beckoning on you to come. Why don’t you choose Him cos in Him you find rest.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all this thing that others are dying to get shall be added unto you.”

Matt 6: 33

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Oke Oluwatamilore is a self-motivated and passionate person who seeks for medium to enhance her knowledge and growth. She has a Masters degree in Architecture and pursuing her career in it. She finds writing as a medium to express herself alongside other things. She loves reading, watching movies and listening to music in her spare time.