Mama Gave Me Jesus!

Mama Gave Me Jesus!

From the womb, she spoke sweet nothings to me.
From the womb, she prayed over me
She sang over me
I rejoiced and leaped in her womb
She gave God thanks
As time drew near, she thanked

Mama gave me Jesus
And finally, out I came
Wrapped as a bundle of joy with absolutely no knowledge but wide-eyed and joyful that I made it here

She named me Mary, said God told her that’s my name
He knew from before time who I was and sent my name ahead
Mama gave me Jesus

From my childhood, she sang songs over me about Jesus
She told me about Jesus
She took me to church every Sunday dressed in the best she could afford.
She asked what did you learn today 
I said the teacher taught us to CRY ALOUD to God

Mama gave me Jesus
As I grew older, she didn’t have all the best things I thought I should have, given to me
She told me about Jesus
She said he will take care of you
He loves you
Seek Jesus
I thought she spoke bull, but as I grew, I knew!

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Mama gave me Jesus
She gave me the best she had
As I grew older I understood why
She sowed Jesus as a seed in my heart
The thought of him grew daily in me, though
I tried to have my way
But Jesus kept bringing me back to himself.
He gave me to mama, to give me back to him

Mama gave me Jesus
I doubted; I wished, I cried; and thought I should have gotten what others my age had.
Lots of fancy clothes, birthday parties, friends, best of everything 
But what I didn’t have materially 
I had in Jesus.
The creator and giver of all THINGS.
And that counts as having it all.

Mama gave me Jesus 
Many nights I blamed mama
She should have done this
She should have been this
But I remember mama falling down the stairs and hurting her hips just to get us food and transportation to school.

Mama gave me Jesus
Life then happened 
We all scattered like sheep abroad 
Each child, a different path
But what was to help our life’s journey was already given
We just didn’t know.

Mama gave me Jesus 
And we went our way
Just like the good word says
Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it

Mama gave me Jesus
We found ourselves in life’s epileptic cycles 
We dealt with the highs and lows
One name came through all the time, every time
the one mama had told us would be there even if she wasn’t 
Mama gave me Jesus
She loved us with the best she had and had found

Mama gave me Jesus
As I long for mine, I long to pass on the one I found walking through life with me that I didn’t want to acknowledge 
Mama gave me Jesus 
He showed up many times
He keeps showing up
He said he’s mine and I am His
Even before time began
I was his, still is, and will be
Mama gave me Jesus

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Mary Ajagbe is a Spiritual Influencer, an author, a trained Coach, an NLP practitioner and also a Minister of God. She studied Radio Production and Mass communication and she has attended quite a number of training, all of which she uses to empower and transform the lives the Father (God) brings her way. I would love to read from you.