Greatness Comes With A Price

Greatness Comes With A Price

Greatness comes with a price, sadly, many pay with their blood. Likewise Jesus but the question is to what end?

They say the end justifies the means but is it true?

The earth is awakened the day greatness is breath upon a soul. To be great is to fight many battles unknown, even more disheartening are the ones we know.

From generation to generation, we hunger for the freedom to achieve greatness yet we achieve nothing comparable to the dream. Many broken dreams, numerous enriched graves, still, man strives for as little as the icing on the cake to no avail.


I mean, who determines the future?The scripture says it is God Almighty for He knows the end from the beginning that is why He is called the Alpha and Omega. So why is there unending chaos in this beautiful world He has made one may ask! For when He created the world He looked at it and saw that it was good. (Gen 1:31)

God is all knowing, more often than not chaos birth revelations that bring deliverance to as many positioned for the manifestation of the Works of God. We may not understand it, truth is we are not meant to, rather trust that the porter has the best interest for His clay.

The key to it is 'believe', the bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. You can choose to be enriched by the Word of God or malnourished by the lack of it.

The choice is YOURS!

This is me speaking the mind of a believer. What about the one who hasn't met with the Lord and is fueled with the mindset that evil controls the affairs of men. Too many witchcraft activities encompassing the world and it seems like evil doers get away with it while those trusting in God wait till forever.

We are living in pretense (suffering and smiling) yet, we are made to believe Jesus Christ paid the price of salvation on the cross of Calvary? So why are we suffering in silence, do we still owe a debt?

These questions, I've been asked a million times already and many more brewing up in the hearts of men. Though I believe that the Word of God is true yet questions also linger in my heart.

I am a believer but I fall short of His glory sometimes and act in ways that I shouldn't but who or what is to blame? Do I say my faith is not strong enough or simply conclude that serving God is a task too difficult to achieve?

What is the way out of this madness we live with. Christians are fast losing self, a generation of hypocrites being brewed by the church or are we sold sweet nonsense from the altars to massage some people's ego? Is the misleading deliberate or pure ignorance.

How do I fight to win the battle of self which is vital to the journey of self discovery and fulfill greatness when we are constantly bombarded with messages that gratify self and monetary gains.

I am not saying that it is wrong to preach about those kinds of blessings but is this all that there is? The price Jesus paid is so much bigger than money so why have we reduced the efforts of salvation to mean MONEY? No wonder we are building a generation of money hungry vampires who will drink blood to satisfy their money cravings. Who is going to be accountable for this mess?

With their mouths they say put your trust in God but with their actions you are relegated to the corner because your testimony doesn't shout currency!!!. This is a cross road for many 'Do I put my complete trust in God or seek alternative ways which seem faster?' Even though it is evident that Satan is not so generous NOTHING he gives is free and his loans come with a high interest.

He's just a cunning business man preying on the minds of the people. He is about making profits and will do anything to make sure that when he gives you a loan he takes your prized collateral which is your soul.

Jesus Christ on the other hand gave His life so that your soul is saved  that is why He sacrificed His life on that cross of Calvary so that you and I can have ours abundantly.

I have tasted a bit of both worlds so permit me to say that Jesus is the sure way.

Yes things may not be as perfect as we hoped for but in our imperfections, comes vision and tenacity that form the very purpose for our being.

Countless times I have hurt Jesus with my actions, in-actions and thoughts yet His mercies encompass and redeem me each day by His precious blood.

How do I pay for this kindness? Worship!

Is there truly a price for greatness? Yes!

The beauty, however, is that it has been paid on the cross. But you will remain a slave to self and destiny except you begin to live in the consciousness of the finished work of Christ for your sake.

Worship Him in Spirit and in truth, that's all He demands of us.

God is everything, it is only by His help that greatness is manifested.

You can be born great but doesn't mean you will be great.

Reach out to Jesus
Be friends with Him
He will help YOU.
He has paid the price.


With love on this special day as I become a year older.

Happy birthday to me...

Yours truly,
Solomon Kolawole

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When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.