The Root Of All Evil

The Root Of All Evil

"Money is the root of all evil," they say, but I disagree, for the LOVE of money according to my Bible is what is bad. (1 Timothy 6:10)

One way or the other, we all need money to survive. It's an essential part of our existence. Call it life's currency if you like, it is valid, even heaven recognizes its importance.

We need money to go about our daily life's hustle and bustle and also for the exchange of goods and services to mention a few. 

It is life-determinant to a great extent and no one wants to be caught without it.

However, it is absurd, the extent to which many go to have it. Many lives and destinies have been put to eternal damnation due to the unquenchable anguished love for it. Some blame it on the government and the depreciating state of the economy, while others don't simply care and are more interested in how to get it. By all means necessary, of course.

The youth have lost their ways in this desperate-unrelenting love and quest for money and you'll be amazed by the extent they've gone to dine with the devil to acquire a wealth destined to vanish because only God's blessings can last.

Unfortunately, our politicians are not left out and you cannot but wonder what's fueling the greed they share their bed with.

In as much as we desire and need money, let us be wary of the spirit that walks and dwells with it. Even the holiest and purest in heart can fall for the antics of the devil through money. That is one of his major tools by which he destroys the destiny of man.  

And so, I say to the youths, politicians and everyone who at some point missed it due to their hunger for success and quest for money, no one really is righteous in its regard and all prone to making the same mistakes. Anyone can become a victim, or better still, a slave to money unless we allow God to help us. Only then can we win the battle over money and greed.

Nonetheless, this isn't a time for regrets but an opportunity to retrace your steps and reconnect yourself back to your Maker. Ask Him for forgiveness for running ahead of Him. For it is written, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

I can understand life wasn't as amazing as you hoped it would be but shortcuts only lead to frustration, regrets and death.

Choose life
Choose to wait
Trust God

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