Meeting A Great Man

Meeting A Great Man

What we define greatness to be in #Africa, especially Nigeria, hits me like a joke. Some would refer to someone rich as a great man. Growing up in the rural part of #Lagos, I went through a lot from the so-called eminent men of that time. From a distance, you will see someone worth taking as a mentor, someone to look up to, an attitude to behold anything your mind can withhold then.

It is so sad that most of the time our assumptions about these so-called “Great Individuals” are not true. For me, greatness is not just about having petty cash and intimidating everyone around you with it or eating a three square meal. The whites; God bless them; have been able to define this in a much clearer way to us so we can learn from their humble acts. Let’s take into isolation the case of the greatest man that ever lived, Jesus Christ. I think what He did majorly was try to educate us on what true greatness should be. I’m very sure during His lifetime; He would have sat to think about how we are all doing everything wrong. I adore Him a lot to where I don’t see any other person as a worthy mentor.

Those I grew up to meet were all a terrible disaster. I took years upon years searching for the right mentor to behold and in all my years of futile search and struggle; I discovered greatness is not in what you have, but in what you do. Greatness is not what you say, but what they say about you. A wise man once told me that when an ordinary man makes a mistake, he defends himself, but when a great man makes a mistake, people defend him. I’m taking this time to let you know that greatness is not stumbled upon but planned. Before the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ, there was a plan on how He was going to execute every one of his deeds. For Him, it was all about His works and not mere words like the men we have today.

I envy so much those that have taken to this trend. I sincerely pray and hope that the greatness in the greatest one to have ever lived will endow each one of you out there to the peak of your greatness. I look forward to meeting more eminent men in #Nigeria even though the chances are slim. A great man would not do something just because others are doing it; he does it because it is the right thing to do. I don’t tag greatness to a person but his works just as his works will only speak of him, so please if you are reading this; learn as much as you can in your pursuit of greatness. Thanks for reading and thank you for your time.

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