You Are Ready...

You Are Ready...

It's the New year and you can't afford to sit in that place of indecisiveness, feeding yourself with "I don't think I'm needed now".

Listen, the sincere truth is... You are ready and the world has been waiting for your manifestation. There's a Treasure ABBA has embedded in you to be LIGHT unto your generation.

You are as ready as you can ever imagine. All you need do is to walk in the consciousness that you are and stop wasting resources. You cannot know you're ready until you take a step and start acting.

You are called to write and you think your vocabulary isn't sound enough? Some persons do not even know up to that which you know and are reaching out to souls already.

You are called to teach? Find a place you can explore and not wait till when you own your own space.

You sure know what you're called to do, get to work immediately. You can't afford to waste away in his new year, Uncle.

You're asking if you're ready enough. YES! Startup with something and you'd see God working in, for and through you.

This is a year of intentionality! Get to work! There's much to be done on the field!

Generations are counting on you! If you've failed them, you have failed. 

I pray for you that your eyes of understanding are opened to read beyond the letters in JESUS' NAME. Amen.

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.