Why So Excited?

Why So Excited?

Sister, don't be too anxious to run into marriage if you are not clear about what you want to do.

You are jumping up that you got a ring, forgetting that you're already bound and accountable to and for.

You're entering another kind of responsibility, first spiritual and the other can follow.

You were not chasing thousands as a single sister, but want to now chase ten thousand when married, how is that possible?

I remembered before I gained admission to the university, I used to be very disorganized and lazy to arrange things properly. The #HolySpirit spoke to me and said "get up and arrange these things. Is this how you will do when you're in school and when you get married?"

I replied and said, "No now, by then, I will do it." He then said "stand up and do it now. It's what you imbibe and has become a part of you you will display effortlessly"

That was how I sluggishly stood up and arranged and now, I am enjoying its benefit till tomorrow.

He will sometimes wake us up at night either through the alarm, urine or any way you know of. But instead of us to rise and pray, sweet sleep won't allow us to.

Is it in that marriage we now want to snore when we haven't wet the ground ahead to step on the cool ground?

Don't be anxious and worried that you haven't gotten a ring. Have you understood the ministry ahead? Not only "church ministry" here.

Build capacity, enjoy the privilege of #singlehood. Expand and explore rightly then you will see that you don't need to complete a partner, but complement that partner by making your favour release fragrance and not a stench. 

Do have a rethink and be sure of what you admire because no man prepares in battle but for.

Anjolaoluwa Eunice

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When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.