Stay, Until You Receive

Stay, Until You Receive

Just yesterday, I was listening to a message and the HolySpirit brought my attention to something.

A lot of people don't know how to discover purpose in life.

Few people learnt in one teaching or the other that you discover your purpose by asking your Manufacturer - which is our God.

While most people don't even know how to discover their purpose.

So now, you know that you can discover the purpose of your life by "Asking God".

Now, what a lot of people find difficult...

It's another thing to know that you can discover your purpose by asking God and it's another thing to know how to ask God and hear from Him.

The question that a lot of people ask is "How do I ask God?"  "How do I hear from God?"

This is it...

You ask God in the place of prayer and you then tarry, you wait until you hear Him speak to you.

If you want to hear from God when you pray, tarry until you hear from Him.

You don't rush out of God's presence. That is why meditation is very important.

And so when you pray to God, that is, you talk to God, wait for Him to respond, and let Him also talk to you.

Don't always be talkative while praying. Once you're done asking God - you're done talking to Him - LISTEN.

Let Him also talk, let God reply to you. If you plan to pray for one hour, you can talk to Him for 20 minutes and you spend the remaining 40 minutes receiving what God has for you.

So stay there until you hear from Him. Your prayer is futile if you only do the talking and walk away and you don't wait for God to speak to you.

You need to also understand that God speaks and communicates with us in several ways.

To some people, He speaks to them directly - loud and clear. Biblical examples of those who God spoke to directly are Moses, Samuel, Abraham, etc.

To some people, He speaks in a still, small voice.

To some people, He speaks through God's word. Every verse of the bible has the voice of God. It might be while studying the scriptures or listening to a sermon

To some people, He speaks through other people. It can be your family members, friends, etc.

To some people, He speaks through peace. For example, most times, God speaks to me through peace.

To some people, He speaks through circumstances.

I pray the Lord helps us. May we find it easy to hear from our Father.


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