Maybe Not Now...

Maybe Not Now...

"Here I am at 28 still single, not married yet"

"Nathaniel has been engaged and is walking down the aisle next week but here I am still waiting for the ONE"

Your thoughts are quite understandable but I need you to take a deep breath in and listen...

You're still single but that doesn't make you useless, sisterly.

Ladies tend to be under more pressure when it comes to the marriage thing and I need you to relax.

Maybe you just need this time (of your singleness) to enlarge your capacity.

Maybe you just need this time to gain balance in all spheres of your life (spiritually, financially, emotionally and the rest).

This is not the time to lock yourself up and sob as all your life depends on getting married.

There are lots that YAHWEH wants to do in, for and through you before HE brings your way the right man.

Take yourself out on a date, enjoy your singleness building capacity in Christ and when the thoughts come to steal your joy...... Resist it by saying...

"Maybe not now because God has the best in stock for me."

I trust this blesses a soul.

I pray that your eyes of understanding are enlightened as you dwell on this. Amen.

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.