Pay Attention To Your Children

Pay Attention To Your Children

I was trying to get some rest in my room when I overheard my little cousin telling my mom about a boy in her class who made advances at girls and try to touch their breasts.

He has been doing this to his female classmates and he was just a young boy in ss2.

My mum's reaction scared the hell out of her because she could only shout, "don't go to such boys, they will destroy your future"

She couldn't even sit her down and tell her things and talk to her about that kind of people and give her a talk about sexual education.

After my mom left the kitchen I quietly called her to my room, and made her gist, laugh, and feel relaxed before we started talking about this boy.

She opened up to me and told me about everything this boy does in class and how he had made advances on her too.

I told her how to handle this matter.

The next day she came to my room and showed me a letter the boy wrote to her, instead of my mom whom she will naturally run to.

I was shocked because normally she wouldn't come to me for advice, but the way I was able to explain things to her the last time, made her ask for my advice.

She told me that she feels comfortable talking to me and she can confide in me.

Most parents don't give their children listening ears and this is one of the factors that increase the rate of sexual abuse.

When a child comes back home and tells you about what he or she is facing in class instead of going to check out those things in their school, you will rebuke the child instead.

The child is not guilty of being curvy or beautifully and wonderfully made.

Dear parent, please pay attention to your children, don't scare them away.

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