Partnering With Lies And Disappointments

Partnering With Lies And Disappointments

In my journey with God, one of the things I have realized is that we sometimes get to an all-time LOW even when we seriously FAITH IT.

Not a lot of people realize it, but we sure do experience it even when it seems like we are in a summer or spring season with God.

I have had conversations with different people at different times and one thing seems to be a CONSTANT in all these conversations.


This THORN sure gets a lot of us, it quietly seeps into our HEARTS and we 'FAITH' it but deep down, we FEEL these things.

Disappointments come from many things and in different ways, but this THORN holds us bound in our thoughts and scars us more deeply than we care to admit.

Maybe you are like me, you kinda just go through THINGS and you are termed as STRONG but you know you have just thought yourself not to expect so much even from your relationship with God.

I am writing this to let you know you are SEEN and NOT FORGOTTEN.

How do you know, you say?

Well, I just do.

I remember having a conversation with a friend and she told me how she couldn't pray and all and when she was done talking, I realized she was disappointed with God.


How can you say disappointed with God?

I know we have been made to believe saying such words shouldn't be said but guess what?

It has to be said that GOD IS NOT AN INSECURE GOD.

He is a relational God, He is not raising slaves and servants, He's raising children and friends and guess what, it's okay to tell your friend that you are feeling a bit disappointed because certain things are not working as you thought they would.

What I have realized lately is these truths:
1. We are NOT without HELP
3. We need to check ourselves and align with his thoughts.
4. He is a good God.
5. He cares
6. He is not Man

Even when our current situation doesn't seem like what we think it should be.

Because of past disappointments and fears created from past experiences we label God.

It's okay to talk to God about your disappointments, I have learnt to talk to Him and I am still learning because if not, I am partnering with the enemy of my faith to affirm that God isn't good or He doesn't care.

Trust me, I have been through the worst of all worst and yet I have learnt that God is Never at FAULT.

We live in a broken world with broken systems.

Having God through this journey is what brings some sense of sanity to it all.

So my charge to you is this; it's okay to feel disappointed, don't stay away from the one who loves you most, and talk to your father and friend about it all.

This is the best time to talk to Him.
Don't let the thorn of disappointment and failures and fear have you.

Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective and trust that the one who holds the world in His hands and you inclusive is never tired and has never slept.

So do not partner with disappointments and failures and fear to abort that which God has destined and desires for you to BE and HAVE and MANIFEST 


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Mary Ajagbe is a Spiritual Influencer, an author, a trained Coach, an NLP practitioner and also a Minister of God. She studied Radio Production and Mass communication and she has attended quite a number of training, all of which she uses to empower and transform the lives the Father (God) brings her way. I would love to read from you.