Man Up!

Man Up!

You marry a woman and expect her to change her name to your name. She will leave her father's name and start bearing yours, just like that. And it is okay. That's what marriage is

But when they tell you, the man, to place your wife in first position, as the most important person and woman in your life; even above your mother; you start arguing.

You start saying - nobody can take your mother's place! how can you disrespect your mother like that! when she carried you for nine months and so on, where was your wife, that you will now put her first bla-dee-bla-dee-bla yehn-nee-yehn-nee-yehn.

See your mouth! OTONDO!

Is your wife disrespecting her father by ditching his name and bearing your name? Have you now taken her father's place ehn? Abi, when he was there slaving for her and raising her to be this glorious woman you are attracted to; WHERE WERE YOU?....that she should now leave his name and bear yours.

Will you therefore now stop that nonsense!

Marriage means you become the most important people to each other. It is a new union under God, a new unit of society. Every other person is secondary. That is the fact for men. Boys may not understand. It does not mean you disrespect or dishonor your parents. It actually means they raised you up well.

Don't you know she is to be first even above your children? Does that mean you don't love your children? No! Are you now getting sense? Good. The best way to love your children is to first love and honor their mother; and the best way to honor your parents is to face your own family, and do well by your wife.

Stop acting like a toddler with a ring on his finger.

Man up!

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