Love Is...

Love Is...

Love is a selfless act. You shouldn’t be expecting anything in return.

True love is loving someone unconditionally even when they reject you.

It is sacrifice.

It is caring for someone when it is not convenient or beneficial to you.

It is being patient enough to wait for your love.

It is forgiving before the offence has been committed.

It is laying your pride aside to make sure your loved ones are okay.

Love is being stupid in the sense of the world and that is the love I show you daily. The love that makes me stupid in the eyes of the world.

-Love Jesus

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Oke Oluwatamilore is a self-motivated and passionate person who seeks for medium to enhance her knowledge and growth. She has a Masters degree in Architecture and pursuing her career in it. She finds writing as a medium to express herself alongside other things. She loves reading, watching movies and listening to music in her spare time.