His Heartbeat...

His Heartbeat...

His heartbeat is to see you happy!

He desires that you prosper and be in good health even emotionally as well.

He desires that you do well in the space He's called you into.

He loves you and formed you in His image not for you to waste but to show forth His goodness.

His heartbeat is to see you living your life as a pattern of good works that others can follow.

His heartbeat is to look upon the earth and see you working earnestly for the propagation of His Kingdom.

His heartbeat is to know you love Him truly and not because you want to get answers to your prayers.

He desires to have you to Himself after ALL.

His heartbeat is to see that you're influencing the world for Him and not the other way round.

He desires to present you to Himself as a blameless bride with no blemishes.

FATHER'S heartbeat is to welcome you into His wide arms and say "welcome o ye faithful servant...." 

ABBA loves you so dearly and He thinks about you all day long because "The thoughts He has for you are of good and not evil, to give you an expected end..."

You are in His Heart and He thinks of you daily but is He in your heart?

Are you doing His Work with all that's within you?

Search within and do the needful by running back to the FATHER who loves you dearly.

I trust this blesses your soul.

Beyond the letters, your eyes of understanding are enlightened in Jesus's Name. Amen.

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.