God Has Provided!

God Has Provided!

So one day early this year, I slept and woke up and I started to affirm that All that I need God has provided.

Before then, there was a scholarship course I had applied for that was worth an N100,000.00 thereabout but I couldn’t afford it and I knew that I needed it.

So what had happened before was that I was feeling down at the beginning of the year and asking God to help me increase my value and that I was tired of being financially stranded.

Then one of my mentors sent me a post that was offered a full-time scholarship and a partial scholarship and I immediately sent in my request for the full-time scholarship and stated all the requirements and all.

Now before this, I had gotten a word that says, Mary, it is time to start building and I want you to have a wholesome which means an all-around abundant life.

So I applied for the scholarship and went back in prayer to God, telling Him that I need the full scholarship and all I desired, the day when the scholarship would be announced came and guess what, I got the full scholarship.

Now the testimony here is that God had made provision for my value as an individual to increase and so that way I would begin to build my business as a Virtual Assistant and offer services that people need but what to do and how to start I did not have an idea, God used someone to tag me in the post just at the moment when I needed it and that raised my hope and faith and I am blessed to announce that I just completed the course and currently got access to another course that God wanted me to do at absolutely no cost!

Now the 2nd testimony, I am in my finals at the university and I had been believing God for the payment of my school fees.

Again I kept repeating that God has provided all that I need and I have access to it.

I then went to God in prayer and said Lord I know you have made provision for my school and please align me with it or show me where to go just like you opened Haggai’s eyes and she saw the well.

So it was already just a few days to the set time for the payment, I was at church on a Sunday morning and just during worship, I felt a great sense that I had provision and I started to repeat and thank God for provision for my school.

Just as I stood up from kneeling during praise, I got an instruction to send a message to someone requesting a loan for my fees, it was specific and stated the amount needed.

Now before this, I had done a job for someone and had heavily relied on the payback to use for my fees, but guess what it’s been two months plus now as I write, the person did not pay and neither did they reach out again, I was so hurt and felt so bad but I kept hearing to forgive this person and forget about the money because I would still need extra to add up anyways.

It was very tough but guess what, I did.

So after sending the message to this person requesting a loan.

The person responded and said okay when will I pay back, I said when I would and they said okay they will get back to me.

So I waited a few days and sent a reminder again just in case but by this time, I was a bit like oh well if it does not come, I will still trust God to provide my fees.

I was at the ATM, trying to withdraw one afternoon and I just said to check my balance, I did and boom! The money had been sent, I immediately sent a message to this person saying I had received the loan and all and thanked the person but then the person said, oh no, it is not a loan it was given to me and I don’t have to pay back.

Guys!! You should see me rolling on the floor thanking God big!! Like Daddy, you came through.

I shared these two testimonies as mentioned in the previous blog on Faith is for you.

God has already provided.

Now your path and the path that He uses in aligning you to His provisions per time will be different so gird up, believe Him and open your heart to receive all that He has already provided for you wherever you are even in these times when things look and seem hard.


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Mary Ajagbe is a Spiritual Influencer, an author, a trained Coach, an NLP practitioner and also a Minister of God. She studied Radio Production and Mass communication and she has attended quite a number of training, all of which she uses to empower and transform the lives the Father (God) brings her way. I would love to read from you.