Every Scar Tells A Story

Every Scar Tells A Story

Lines after lines, by our emotions and swollen
Some of us get a chance to say the memories
while the others reduced from the regrets.

I owe the world a chance to see !
Feel and be my image, You do too !

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The Epic weaknesses, typical living standards,
Just at the bottom of a tragedy
In dying need for fresh breath, feets left for pasture
a new learning, finely appearing
Silence became luxury, gods covered in fogs
Closer and closer it seemed brighter

I started my paragraph, You should too
I found the word, You should too
I found Jesus, You should too

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Abiodun Damilare is a web content developer and Strategist, a writer, founder of a start up company " Transolution Centre inc. LLC " and a carrier of the holy word. He has great interest in examination of theories, facts, controversies and inspire people through his analysis