Evangelism: Rekindle Your Fire

Evangelism: Rekindle Your Fire

I watched a movie called "Zero Account". From the quality and look of the movie, I was already discouraged. As the movie progressed the Lord opened my eyes to see a deeper meaning.

A devoted Christian was going on a journey. On the bus, he was with some unbelievers, and unfortunately, there was a crash. Of all the passengers in the bus, he was the only one that died while some of the unbelievers left that same bus without so much as a scratch.

The Pastor of his church was so bitter that he cried unto God asking why he would take him at his young age and leave the unbelievers. At that instant, an angel of the Lord appeared unto him in human form and showed him the life of the young man after death.

The young man was taken to hell with an angel of the Lord. While they were there, the angel told him that his life was a wasted investment unto God and because of him, so many people had been cast away in hell.

He was surprised. A demon arose and called his roommate in the university. It was shown that his roommate wanted him to show him the way of God on the night he was to be initiated into a cult but he said he couldn't because he was late for fellowship. That same night his roommate was killed during the initiation by a rival cult. He never got to hear the word of God from him.

The demon called another name and a woman came forward. She was his close friend during his youth service year. People even used to call them husband and wife. So many times she invited him to clubs and parties but never did he invite her to church. 

On the last day of camp on their way going home, she saw a tract in the cab they boarded. The outline said "Jesus the way, the truth, and the life". She begged him to explain to her but he was angry because he lost his flash drive at the stadium. 

Even when they got to their destination she kept on begging him to tell her more but he refused and promised to call her the next day. 

She left sad and distraught. On her way home alone she had an accident and she died. She also died without the knowledge of Christ from him. 

Once again, the demon called out another name. His own biological sister came out. He was shocked. He was already in tears when he saw the others but when he saw his sister he wept uncontrollably. She lived a wayward life, always drinking and partying. He always condemned her but he never introduced her to Christ. 

She had an abortion one day and it went wrong. On the hospital bed, someone came to preach to her but he sent the person out. Even in pains, she begged him for forgiveness and for him to preach to her but he turned deaf ears to her pleas. On that same bed, she lost her life without the knowledge of Christ.

After these three people had given their accounts, he wept bitterly because he had so many opportunities to preach to them but he didn't. Their blood was on his hands.

After this was done, the angel took him to Heaven, to the hall of judgment where they met another angel. The Angel explained to him that for everyone that didn't go to hell, they would come to the hall of judgment before they would be given access to Heaven where their works would be tested in the fire to check the quality.

Those whose works had strong content and a good foundation, their works would remain. But those whose works had no tangible content, it would be burnt completely in the fire.

When his works were tested, it was burnt completely. He was shocked. 

The moral to that has been compiled up there is this:

You can serve God from January till December,

You can pray 24/7, 

You can go on an all year fasting,

You can clean the church with your body day in day out,

You can speak all the tongues known to man and in the spirit,

BUT if you do not evangelize and preach the word of God, all you've done is nothing.

Even a sinner can attend service,

Even a sinner can clean the church.

The primary function of a Christian on earth is to bear fruits.

In the story above, the young man didn't achieve destiny, 

He didn't fulfill his purpose,

He didn't preach the gospel...

He did NOTHING!!!

Absolutely nothing. 

He was a wasted investment because he didn't impact any life on earth.

I know this has been a long article but I hope in my heart and in my soul that this has touched even just one person.

This is a wake-up call to ALL Christians.

Let's stop acting nonchalantly. 

To as many that have read this, PLEASE share using the boutons provided below, so it might save someone's heart, and pray that; May God bless you and keep you to fulfil God's purpose on earth. May God's goodness, and favour remain with you now and forevermore. Amen

- Anonymous 

When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.