Change The Pattern

Change The Pattern

There are different patterns to achieving the same goal in life. If I want to prepare Akara (beans cake), I'll go through some procedures.

I might decide to fry my own with palm oil while another fry hers with vegetable oil. I tell you we'll still eat the same Akara but the taste will be different, that doesn't imply that one will taste good than the other.

They'll have their two wonderful taste and we'll both enjoy it.

I might be allergic to vegetable oil that's why I use palm oil to fry mine while the other somebody loves vegetable oil.

If an exchange is made there, there'll be a problem.

If I go ahead and use what I know I'm allergic to, then I should be ready to face the consequences.

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This applies to our marriages and relationships. The fact that your neighbour is using vegetable oil (buying gifts for his wife every day, taking her to the beach, taking food to his work every day) doesn't mean you should fry your own Akara (build your Marriage/Relationship) with it oh.

Study your health very well (Your partner; Your spouse). Give it what will soothe your body and not what other persons are enjoying for themselves.

It's YOUR home, not OUR home! Do what will work in your home and for your home.

Do you want a successful relationship and marriage? It's possible. It can be better than the one you are looking at and wishing it is ONLY if you do it the right way and not another person's way.

They may do it and it works for them, you may do it and it works against you.

I want to believe you know that God must be the centre of your relationship and marriage. Because He's the only one that can direct you and flood your mind with better ways to spice your marriage.


Aunty, Stopppiiiit! Stop doing it your friend's way! Do it in God's way! Do it the way it'll work for you and your partner!

Fry your own Akara with what you and your partner are not allergic to! If you do otherwise, there'll be consequences.

Our Fathers and Mothers succeeding in marriage now didn't build it on comparison with other persons. They built it with the help of God and intentionality to make it work.

I pray that our eyes of understanding be opened to read beyond the letters and understand all that's written above in Jesus Christ name.

It'll be my greatest joy to see that You change the pattern you use in your home to God's Pattern.

Elekede Joy

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