A Woman's Worth

A Woman's Worth

Women are the most priceless and beautiful creatures gracing the earth and I deem it fit to dedicate this special and carefully written piece to all the beautiful women out there, for the glorious work done by the King Creator Himself and I just can't stop wondering what He must have been thinking about when He created them. No doubt, when we look at all the wonderful things that the Bible tells us about the creation of the woman and why it came to be, it is safe to summarize it that they were created to compliment us but then again, I think that would be me understating the astounding work done through Adam's ribs because they are just too breathtaking and not even words I believe can perfectly explain or describe the awesomeness of what they really stand for. 

Women are gods on their own and should be worshipped day and night and I hope the men understand the context here because I don't want to be misunderstood. Apparently, they are our mothers regardless of how old they are, and when I say women, I mean every female walking the surface of the earth because that distinct and unmatchable personality was inherited right from the first cry that announced their arrival to the world and into motherhood I must add. The beauty surrounding her being cannot be overemphasized as they feel the most pain and yet have the prettiest smile, it is just unbelievable how they tend to possess so many amazing functions all in one body, China-town must have taken a clue from that. 

However, it's heartbreaking how so many underestimate the power of a woman and miss out on the great things embedded in them. The truth is, with them, what you give is what you get so I advise you make it your mission to keep that smile radiated at all times. You can't begin to phantom a million doors a sincere prayer from a woman with a joyful heart can open in just a matter of seconds and on the other hand, destinies have been truncated by that same tongue, you just have to decide how you want it used, either for you or against you and I admonish you to go with the first option. 

Ostensibly, the world is designed around them and what life tends to offer, either good or bad can be traced back to the women in your life, and to every successful man comes a woman. You know, it is impossible to hurt the women around you and find favor with men, and that implies to the helpers of your destiny. The power they exude cannot be quantified and though they may seem weak we can't begin to conceptualize how heaven is moved by a drop of their tears. 

I bless the day I was born into this world by an astonishing woman I call mother and you should feel the same if you understand the miracle surrounding your birth. I mean, we can't conjure up the unbearable pain they go through in that labor room and not forgetting the nine-month duration of carrying and nurturing us in their womb, so let's take a moment each day to hug and thank them for showering us with so much love and care that knows no bound. It's a wonderful feeling to be loved by a woman.

Our lives cannot be perfect without them. They are our companions, lover, wife, best friends, partners in every way, helpmates, and mothers of our children. Basically, they are angels sent to us from God and they could also be our worst nightmares depending on the path we choose to travel when on a life adventure with them. They love to be pampered, loved, adored, cared for, and appreciated. You know the whole 'TLC' thing; Tender Loving Care, that's a part of their initials you don't want to miss out tattooing their names to your world. 

Knowing a woman's worth starts with knowing yourself. If you really know who you are, you can never go wrong in your dealings with them. Love and cherish them because they are the pillars of our wealth and home. They love attention and here is a million dollars advice I'm giving out to you, don't neglect her rights and welcome her contribution because they see beyond our greatest imaginations, trust me. Never raise your hands on them. There are just some things that a man should never ever do and that happens to top the list. Never with your own hands chase your wife out of your home or it's as good as you chasing your wealth away. These and many more are secrets of life we may not know but have greatly truncated the destinies of man. 

Life is deep and so is the word we speak, be careful not to tango with the negative utterances from the tongue of a broken heart. Quit playing games and start taking responsibility, two wrongs cannot make a right especially with them. Show me a man moving from city to city exploring and doing great things and I will show you a woman on the altar moving from step to step, trying to get closer to her God, soliciting and holding forth for her man. And whether we like it or not but truly as the song goes, women run the world. Peace and Love. 

When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.