To Be Yielded...

To Be Yielded...

To be yielded is a very important factor in the kingdom of God.

It can either make you or break you.

Ask Adam in the Bible when he was tempted in the garden of Eden alongside Eve.

He chose to yield to his wife's voice instead of listening to that of his Father and you can see the result of that action.

So it is essential to be careful of what you yield to, It will affect your future and that of the generations after you.

Ps: We are always yielding to something (consciously or unconsciously) the voice of God, the voices of people, our flesh etc.

What voice do you choose to yield to?

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When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.