Amah was screaming!

"I can't do this! is the baby coming out?", were the words Amah said while in the labour room.

"push!! "
"Keep pushing!! the baby's head is already out, just a little more push and it will come out".
Nurse Gloria told me.
Nurse Gloria was the head of the midwife team.

"The pains are unbearable!".
"Hey Gloria!" if you don't push now, you will lose the baby."
The labour room isn't for the feeble"

"Lose my baby"??
No!!, that won't happen, not at my watch.
"God I can't do this on my own, help me"!!!
And before I ended the last word of my prayer
My baby came out!..
What joy filled my heart and everyone around me.
I did it!!

Do you know that God loaded you with blessings that are yet to manifest??
They are inside you.
All the pain you are going through is a sure sign that blessings are coming.
You are in the labour ward now.
This your season, like in the labour room, you will be told to focus on what Is about to come out and leave the pains.
Because at the end you will rejoice, you will sing, you will testify.
But before then, you need to push first!!
Don't let the devil cheat you into focusing on the pains and forgetting the baby, don't leave the baby behind.

Count it all joy when all these troubles come your way.
All you need to do is just PUSH.
It's not time to give up.
It's not the time to think of suicide.
Despite the pain, let your focus be on what's ahead.
Keep pushing!
keep praying, until something happen.
Let your focus be on the light at the end of the tunnel.
God's love is with you.

Maryjoyous Willie.
I inspire.
I spread Abba's love.

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