Out Of The Baggage - Presh-eL

Out Of The Baggage - Presh-eL

Saul was handsome, he had a nice statue, perfect for a king, yet hid himself among the BAGGAGE.

Although, he was anointed and the Spirit of God was upon him, yet still he hid himself among the BAGGAGE.

The words of the prophet Samuel came true, he even prophesied with the other prophets, even so he hid himself in the BAGGAGE.

He thought to himself ' Maybe the lot was not properly taken, I am from the least tribe, even the least clan, I can't possibly rule these people', so he hid himself in the BAGGAGE; because He was SCARED.

It is very true that the Spirit of God in us gives us boldness and power against fear. Scriptures make us to understand that ' For God have not given us the Spirit to fear...', but the obligation falls on us to take conscious steps.

A lot of times, we allow ourselves to wallow in fear and low self esteem, not because we are not equal to the task, but because we concentrate so much on our social status and background.

Other times, it is not because we don't have the Spirit of God in us, but we await for the Holy Spirit to play our parts for us, which results in our refusal to make conscious efforts to activate God's boldness in us.

I personally believe that everything that has been reconciled in the Spirit realm also needs to be activated in the physical.

It is like a computer program, whereby everything needed has been programmed by the programmers, but whoever wants to make use of the software has to activate it. Also an application will remain dormant in a phone without the user's effort to open it.

For Saul, they had to bring him out of the BAGGAGE, and make him stand in front of the people. Truth is, not everybody will have the opportunity that Saul had; by this I mean, not everyone will have the chance of being pulled out of the BAGGAGE .

Dr Henry Link once said ' We generate fears when we sit down. We overcome them by action. Fear is nature's way of warning us to do something'.

Are you still moved by what you see?

Oh, You think you can't make it because you are the least in your family?

Or are you still waiting for the Holy Spirit to do what you ought to do?

Come out of the BAGGAGE, stand tall and ACTIVATE the Spirit of God's boldness in your Life.

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Diedemise Precious is a graduate of mathematics. She hails from Delta State, Nigeria. Precious is a talker, a writer and a teen-preneur. She is a realist and an expressive writer. She writes mainly on practical challenges faced in society and ways to surmount them and be better. She believes that everyone on earth was created to accomplish a purpose, as such, she is passionate about reaching out to teenagers in the areas of self-growth and purpose discovery. She is the initiator of 'Preshlife Initiative' and is currently working on building a team of purpose-driven individuals, whose aim is to assist young people to discover purpose and guide them towards living up to it.