Marry A Man That Loves Your Soul And Not Just Your Physical Appearance

Marry A Man That Loves Your Soul And Not Just Your Physical Appearance

Sometimes last year, I battled with a particular reaction that brought about rashes all over my body except my leg. It was a moment I was so down. Every part of my body was full of ringworm and it was devastating.

Despite being a health worker, I have never given myself an injection before because I hate taking an injection but this time around, I administered an injection on myself and informed my Boss and Colleagues about it, but all treatments proved abortive.

During this period, I was always indoors when I was off duty, I couldn't even go shopping and Hubby and I was preparing for a Programme.

Hubby was so Supportive. He rubbed the medication on me without feeling irritated. Sincerely, I salute him. Even I was feeling irritated myself.

The Lord finally gave us a solution through a Professional Colleague of mine. Glory to God.

See, Marriage is deep and sometimes, it can be challenging.

Marriage is more than the physical appearance or Beauty aspect.

Marry someone that will still love you in your down -moment, someone that will still care for you when your mouth is always full of saliva as a result of pregnancy, and someone that won't run away because of your excess vomiting during pregnancy.

I pray from the bottom of my heart for every single trusting God for who to marry, you won't marry wrongly in Jesus's Christ name.

Seeing Marriages blossoming and Children being raised in a Godly atmosphere is my utmost desire.

Abiola Cares.

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When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.