Love Me...

Love Me...

Love me

Yes, love me!

It's so funny how some persons don't love themselves and they expect another to do.

Do you even know what love means?

Do you know what love entails?

Until you have loved "ME" which is your very own self to the brim, don't expect it from another person.

When you love ME, you don't just give in to any Tom, Dick and Harry that claims to love you because you understand what it means to love. 

Fall in Love over and over with yourself and be satisfied with the "ME" God had created you to be.

Love your face! Love how you walk! Love how you interact! Love your personality!

Love ME!

You can't love me when you're disconnected from the Source of LOVE (God). 

You need to be connected to Him and He'll reveal how best you can love "Me" unconditionally as well.

When you love ME, your self-esteem can't be toyed with.

When you love ME, you won't see yourself from another person's point of view but from God's.

When you love ME, you'll experience PEACE and not pressure!

Give in to LOVING ME today and your entirety will rejoice you did. 

Beyond the letters, I pray that your understanding is aided in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.