Get Off The Treadmill Of Performance!

Get Off The Treadmill Of Performance!


For a while now, I have sat in what I call isolation and seclusion, not voluntary but necessary and divinely orchestrated.

I have tried to wiggle my way out of this one, but fortunately for me, the odds are still in my favour.

I have not been in this state for this long and I am constantly asking, Lord, why now, can I just do this and do that and all I feel is His hand on me, STAYING me.

As I write this, I know I speak some people’s hearts.

The reason why this is happening, I wish I had a bigger answer but this is all I got.


For many people and most especially in the world right now, there is a halo of tiredness over-boding on many.

You just cannot explain why you feel so tired and worn out, burnt out even!

I will tell you this…


We have been and are still accustomed to a way of living that requires long hauls of activity and have forgotten the place of REST.

Covid-19 came in 2020 and forced the WORLD to a place of rest!

Many thought the end of the world had come, isn’t that how a lot of us, feel right now?

That… it is probably the end for me, why am I not able to still do that which I used to do, I feel stuck, I feel useless, I feel this and that.

But I hear #God saying expressly, STOP! COME! LET ME REFRESH YOU!

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I have realized that if there is anyone that knows the best for you and all humanity, it is the Creator Himself, He knows exactly what you need and how it needs to get done.

For years now, you have repeated patterns of living, activity after activity, and never fully entered into REST.

Rest does not mean laziness or what you think it means.

I like the musical definition for rest: it means, AN INTERVAL OF SILENCE OF A SPECIFIED DURATION.

Rest is for a specified duration and it is an interval of silence.

Silence? Yes, silence. But why? Activity is noisy and depleting.

It’s been years of unending activity for you and the Lord says hey, child, come rest, get off the treadmill of performance.

There is a #scripture that I heard in my dream, way before I was put into this place of #seclusion and #isolation and it is; come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you REST.

I strongly believe that you are being called off the treadmill of performance to a place of rest in Him.

So listen, obey, come, and be refreshed!

There is a task ahead, that cannot be done from a place of depleted energy, but a refreshed place.

Many thanks for reading.

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Mary Ajagbe is a Spiritual Influencer, an author, a trained Coach, an NLP practitioner and also a Minister of God. She studied Radio Production and Mass communication and she has attended quite a number of training, all of which she uses to empower and transform the lives the Father (God) brings her way. I would love to read from you.