Decisive Mindset is What You Need to Succeed in This New Year

Decisive Mindset is What You Need to Succeed in This New Year

How many *New Years* have passed without you achieving your resolutions?

I imagine many.

It seems that Champagne gives us a passing emotion, only to wake up again as if it were just another day. The inspiration of the toast vanishes before the rooster crows three times the following day.

Proposing a specified date to take the flag and conquer your goals is not enough to achieve it. It would be best if you had more than that — It would help if you had a plan.

You need to organize your steps strategically and go step by step to conquer the ground.

Do you know how the USA defeated an Empire in WW2?

One island at a time.

To achieve your goals, you must commit and not just swear or toast them. You must start your motivation engine every morning, conquering ground, one battle at a time with the goal in sight.

Commitment is a total surrender to what you want to achieve, no matter how big, small or significant your goal is. Decide and commit to it.

To conquer alcoholism, I had to do it one day at a time. As I conquered land, I achieved one of my most incredible goals — getting out of homelessness.

That ignited the ascent of my success to win the battle of freedom from addictions. But it all started with making a serious commitment — a tiny but powerful decision.

After committing, you need to build momentum.

Under the laws of physics, nothing can obtain a force of energy without first creating momentum; even the stationary pendulum needs only one of the pendants to move to build momentum.

Momentum is somewhat underrated.

Just watch when a Tsunami is about to hit the shoreline; the waters recede only to create momentum and return with a great force of consuming energy.

By the time I got two weeks sober, I’d build up enough momentum to become unstoppable. Even then, I emphasized my commitment every morning — It helped me persist and not faint.

Every morning, I achieve great motivation by seeing my healthy face in the mirror.

I told myself, “I’ve come too far to turn back now. The best is yet to come.”
Turn motivation into the fuel to sustain your momentum.

Upon achieving the four months of sobriety that I had set out to do, I made another commitment to never go back to where I came from.

The reason for intertwining my experiences with the objective of this article is to show you that it works.

The Takeaway:

First of all, you have to define the reason for your intention or goal.

Then you have to organize your steps strategically. Where and how are you going to start?

Create the impulse to achieve momentum.

Find motivation in your achievements.

Remember that Rome was not built in a single day. If you make mistakes or fail along the way, give yourself some grace. Shake the dust off your shoulder and start over, only this time smarter, learning from your own mistakes.

And remember this well.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there — WILL ROGERS

Thanks for reading.

Carlos Jeronimo

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