Dear Uncle Baby

Dear Uncle Baby

On behalf of us the church babes, see we are not asking for too much. 

We are not going to interrupt your relationship with YOU and your ABBA! 

We will not come in between you and your spirituality, you should know we are Spiritual babes too... 

We know you love God, and we'll want you to love him the more when we come into your life. 

We are not asking you to be a Comedian like (Basket-mouth) But please, even as you're spiritual you should be able to make me Smile, laugh and crack jokes, ‘it's not fire’ every time. 

Learn to smile, Smiling will not reduce your spirituality. 

We are not saying you must be “Bill Gates" But please we want a man who is financially responsible and can provide for his Family. 


I know you don't want to marry a Pastor, M.O.G, Apostle and yes he doesn't have to be a Pastor to be Spirit-filled, but please, he should be a man who can pray with and for you who genuinely hosts and carries God's presence.

Someone who will be a priest over you and your children.

He must not be good at spoken words like Solomon or be a Poet. 

He doesn't even need to have a melodious voice like David but marry someone who knows how to show you that he loves you in the best way he can..... 

He must not be Antony Joshua in looks but marry your temptation and conviction

Marry who can take care of you. 

Marry who loves and obeys God. 

Marry who you can talk kingdom with. 

Marry someone who treats you right. 

Marry Your Friend and most importantly 

Marry someone who looks like JESUS “I hope you ‘Gerrit". 

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When my pen bleeds, expressions are kept close to my heart, and as it bleeds the words from deep within through my writings, I discover I have created art. I display a piece of my soul. This is my work, my blood, and it should be an object of pride, no matter how much it is criticized or praised.