You Might As Well Be Marching With The Gates Of Hell

You Might As Well Be Marching With The Gates Of Hell

There are those who love to attack Christianity and claim that all churches do is collect money, give anointing oil, pray pray pray, and sing sing sing...instead of helping the poor, or providing jobs or contributing to society.

But the real marvel is the Christians who believe them and say these same ridiculosities.

One politician wrote something like that once; about how Nigeria is full of churches on every street but yet there is no real change....only useless religion

He didn't talk so much about other prayer houses or shrines. Just churches.

He didn't talk about all the great works churches have done in society, in education, in business, in charity...he made it seem like church was the opposite of such things

And Christians were reposting it on whatsapp and everywhere!

And Christians were saying "my thoughts exactly!"

Ah! There shall be koboko in Heaven, I tell you

Never let people who have lost their faith in God sit on your brain and quench your lively spirit in the name of progressivism, activism, feminism, or humanism or any such thing.

"The Bible supports slavery"
"The Bible supports misogyny"
"The Bible is against civilisation"
"The Bible is this and the Bible is that"

It is the philosophy behind the worship of Satan. The belief that somehow God is the bad one and Satan is the victim, and God is just victimising #Satan.

That God is somehow wicked. How can he allow this or allow that.

The devil has been casting aspersions on God's integrity since pre-Adamic days. His envy and rebellion deceived even angels. Angels!

Today, those angels are #demons.

Once you start listening to such things, the same thing will happen to you. You who once loved God and His church will start saying "all pastors are deceivers, especially in Nigeria!"

See your mouth like okoto meow!

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Are there bad pastors? Yes.
Are there false prophets? Verily
Are there false brethren? Certainly

But for every charlatan, there is a true man of God

For every deceitful worker, there is a genuine pastor

For every place where the word of God is abused, there is a place where lives are being transformed

For every one who called himself, there is one whom God called

And the ratio is here stated in favour of the former

God is doing a lot through the church. A LOT!

People really helped. Lives restored. Families supported. Marriages saved. Youths empowered. The word of God taught. Many many people bettered. Hospital bills paid. Businesses set up. Many mouths fed. Many scholarships paid. Communities impacted. Community service per excellence.


If you find that you don't know or talk about these things but once there is a bad story here or there, an accusation here or there.....then you find your voice

"Ah jus wanto stan for what is right!"

"Dis pipu shud be hed akantabu!"

You, even you?!

Hmm...Oh child of God!

Is it the church who falsifies arrival time at the office and writes 7:44am instead of 8:35?

Is it the church who shunts queues?

Is it the church who teaches you to lie to your boss and shortchange your employees?

Is it the church that is embezzling company and government funds?

Is it the church that should bring up your children?

Is it the church that should take in the homeless?

Or is it you?

Oh child of God!

Are you like Daniel and his three friends who would not defile himself?

Or like Joseph who would not sleep with his employer or any woman in the workplace, won't stare at her or him even twice, and flee from any and all advances instead of calling it 'favor"

Or like Esther who fasted and prayed in her high office to overthrow an unrighteous decree

Or like Nehemiah who used his office to stand for the people of God?

Because none of these people were Levites or Priests or Pastors or Preachers or any such thing. They were not cell leaders, specially anointed prophets, or missionaries.

They were ordinary children of the covenant like you and I

Pastors alone are NOT going to change the situation of anything by doing what you are supposed to do. Who will change it?


You in the office
You in entertainment
You in government
You in IT
You in the association
You in the market place
You in the civil service
You in fashion
You in politics
You at home

If you call yourself a child of God. It is not what we do on Sundays that is killing the nation, but what you do from Monday to Friday!!!

Of course, if a pastor has committed a crime against society, he or she should be handed over to the authorities without long talk.

But don't be found among those who have so much excitement when there is negative news about God's people.

Let this be your principle, if you are a Christian: if something, anything at all, on the news or in your circle, bothers you...

Pray. Talk to the Father about it. Ask Him to help His church and remove the bad eggs and heal the sick fellows. Ask Him to fill your heart with His love and compassion for all men especially those of the household of faith, and to fill your mind with His causes, missions, and purposes. Ask for wisdom and understanding.

Do this quietly and sincerely.

Then you can speak. Any words coming out would be certainly trustworthy.

But to sit there and just speak out of presumptive indignation and unresearched accusation is quite unbecoming; and despite the fact that the church is against all odds, marching on;

You might as well be marching with the gates of hell.

Let him or her who is a child of God; HEAR!

Ebele UzoPeters

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