Why You Should Go To Church

Why You Should Go To Church

I will like to share with you, some good reasons you should attend Church service. These days, I see people feeling spiritually relaxed and less motivated to attend church services, especially after the global pandemic.

There are various reasons for these. While some would have worn out by the demands of survival during the week, some think most God’s generals are gluttonous, ushers don’t treat them well, Pastors talk at them or don’t recognize them, while some members judge them by their financial/marital status before they relate with them. etc.

All these reasons are valid because we are human. Being human comes with loads of imperfections! To be perfect is to become like God so it is okay to nurse these feelings until you liberate yourself from them.

However, please note the following reasons why you should go to church irrespective of what you may have experienced.

1. It is a commandment:
Exodus 20:2-17 (Am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me. Remember to keep holy the LORD'S Day.) No matter the situations we face as Christians and how we think the church has become in this age, the word and instructions of God are still standard, unbiased and accurate for our spiritual alliance with Him.

2. For communion:
There is a reason why God said, we should not forsake the assembly of the saints/brethren. (Hebrew: 10:25) There are spiritual counsels, guides, revelation, instructions, auction and emotional relief you can never get anywhere but in Church.

3. To reignite your hopes and solidify your faith:
Some people get to a point in their Christian race and assume they know it all. They know all the scriptures word for word, chapter for chapter and would refrain from knowing more. But no matter how much of God's Word you can digest, there is a special auction attached to every unique service. The revelation you got in the last one you attended may not work for you for another phase of your life. Also, the testimonies you hear in the church may reignite your hopes and solidify your faith for your own encounter or miracles. When you seek God, He seeks you. When you run to God, He runs to you. When you come boldly to the throne of Grace, He embraces you as that prodigal son and renews your faith in Him.

4. To obey/stay meek in spirit:
When you stop going to church, (online/physical), your heart will gradually become hardened and you will begin to question the things of God in a philosophical/antagonistic way instead of coming boldly as God’s child to reason with Him through His Words.

5. To sing/dance:
Dancing is therapeutic! Singing activates your inner Joy! Some people are so collared up with their lives, business and career that they don’t remember to dance or sing during the week. But when you go to church and worship, no one judges how you dance or what your voice sounds like, since everyone is also busy with their movements. Dancing and signing in church motivate you to worship God while also, exercising your body and voice. If you ever experienced some adrenaline rush and (happiness tonic) after doing a dance or singing a Karaoke, imagine how God feels when you dance/sing for Him in Church.

6. To organize your week:
There is a tendency to have a more productive/organized week when you start your Sunday with church service. It gives you a sense of promptness and order for Monday, and the spiritual/physical decorum to intentionally focus on having a good and productive week. Also being in the presence of God, physical or online makes you a better person because you may hear some words that prick your heart, beautify your spirit and help you change your ways as you go about your life, career and businesses.

7. For corporate prayer:
(2 Corinthians 1:11) Being in church keeps you under the watch of intercessory prayer. You pray for others knowing they are also praying for you. You also get to exercise your prayer life in that spiritual atmosphere of supplication. You can decide to stay at home and pray alone but an assembly of people praying together in one accord is not bad after all.

Finally, as Christians, either newly converted or growing in the faith, we are not created/called to do life alone. Iron sharpens iron. Just as we need to leverage and network with others for our social, moral and financial needs in the secular world, we also need to network with brethren in the house of God even as we koinonia (have fellowship and intimacy) Him personally.

In conclusion, we need the faith and spiritual connection of one another to survive in our kingdom race even as we remain earthly relevant. If you cannot make it to church physically, attend online and also join a fellowship group of like-minds where you can at least share the word of God weekly physical or online.

PS: It will do you good to absolve this message, not as a religious doctrine but from the knowledge that you are a spiritual being and the spiritual controls the physical. If your spirit is weak, your body/mind cannot do much.

Wishing you a beautiful and productive week ahead.

Pat Obilor

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