This Is Why You’re Yet To Overcome Those Addictions Even After Giving Your Life To Christ

This Is Why You’re Yet To Overcome Those Addictions Even After Giving Your Life To Christ

Whenever I tell people I was once held bound by all forms of sexual addictions but am now free they find it hard to believe.

I also had anger issues and was rude.

When I started masturbating at the age of 9, I never really knew what it was but I realized that seed was planted in me after I unknowingly inserted a disc that contained pornography in a DVD to watch without knowing its content where I lived with people in Port-Harcourt.

Then gradually I craved more satisfaction, it graduated into intimacy with the opposite sex and pornography.

Because I wasn't in Christ, I didn't know the standards God had set for His children to live by.

I enjoyed having boyfriends when I came out of secondary school.

I had the wrong perspective on dating. I thought it meant lovemaking because that mindset was instilled in me by a Facebook friend I had then.

He told me there was no point in dating without having sexual affairs because that is the main ingredient of dating.

So I grew with that mindset and was addicted.

This continued for so many years.

Then I realized it was evil but I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop because I wasn't in Christ.

That spirit of masturbation always waited for me to be alone then it comes. It loves darkness or aloneness. No wonder they say "sin thrives in secrecy"

Fortunately, I got my freedom in 2020.

When I became born again in 2020, I didn't pray specifically to get free from any of those addictions. All I did was spend time with Christ daily. I was so in love with Him.

I didn't know something was happening to those evil appetites, tastes and desires that had been in me for years indirectly as I stayed with God.

I didn't know they were dying.

After the day I gave my life to Christ: March 22, 2020, I never masturbated, watched pornography or committed other sexual impurities.

God just worked in my soul as I stayed with Him. "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13

But like I said, I can't remember praying specifically about those things I struggled with.

The freedom came automatically as a result of my new life in Christ, consecration and fellowship with Him. In God, we can say " He uses one stone to kill several birds"

Fellowship will bring more than freedom from one addiction to you. You will be made free from all the addictions and as well become renewed wholly.

Most of the consecration I made were not watching worldly movies and having irrelevant/ ungodly songs on my phone. I went through my gallery and deleted so many things that were not edifying.

This didn't happen immediately. As I stayed with God, my tastes, desires and appetites changed which prompted me to take those steps. You just need God's power to take some deliberate steps.

Remember I didn't say the addiction stopped because I gave my life to Christ. No, it didn't. it stopped because of the things I did after making up my mind to follow Jesus.

It died because I began to walk in the Spirit ( renewing my mind with God's word and praying in the Holy Spirit) and He killed the works of the flesh and I helped not to stir up those desires by living a consecrated life.

Why you complain that you are still addicted after giving your life to Christ is because you end there without going any step further to renew your mind or live a consecrated life.

Even if you claim to read your Bible, I bet you that you don't do that intentionally and consistently.

You also don't have an altar and probably you have not received the Holy Spirit who will enable you to pray in tongues.

There's what praying in tongues helps do in your life. When you pray in tongues, you're building your spirit man; and when it is well built, it will be able to withstand the flesh.

The flesh is powerful whether we believe it or not but it can be made powerless when we maximize the power at work in the Holy Spirit.

Another reason why the addictions remain is that you refuse to live a consecrated life: separating yourself from the world, you go back to ruining the work that the Holy Ghost has done by involving yourself in all the things that will resurrect the flesh.

This way, you will never overcome those addictions.

Why I take consecration seriously because our eyes and ears are gates into our soul and the things we see, watch and listen to affect it.

It's in your hands to follow the right steps today. It's not every trending movie that's for you.

I don't watch any movie that's not inspirational and edifying no matter how everyone around me is promoting it.

It must edify my soul before I download it. To be on the safe side, I strictly watch only Christian movies and listen only to Christian-related songs. I don't do hip-hop. You can call me "mummy Go" but I know what I am avoiding.

If you're tired of that addiction, then give your life to Christ today by confessing Him as your Lord and saviour and asking Him to come into your life and dwell and then continually fellowship with Him by meditating on His Word and praying in the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to enable you to speak in tongues and then live a consecrated life.

In that way, you will gain freedom. The son of man will set you free and when He does, you will be free indeed.

Gaining freedom from that addiction is possible if only you can take the steps above.

God bless you.

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