The Perfect Fixer

The Perfect Fixer

While on a video call a couple of minutes ago with my husband who was at the mechanic garage trying to fix the car. He goes “Babe see our car” switching the camera over so I could see what the interiors looked like after the mechanic had disembodied it. Almost immediately I went “Why is it soo ugly?” I mean, it could pass for an accidented vehicle (of course it wasn’t in an accident).

This is a very nice looking car on a normal day… And then I realize isn’t that how the hearts of many are? So beautiful and good looking on the outside. Everything flashy and cool.

If they analyzed your heart, will you still be attractive? Abi fine boy/ girl no fine inside las las…

Truthfully, if the Holy Spirit isn’t dwelling in you, it is almost completely impossible to be beautiful/handsome both in an out.

Even the strongest moralist has areas where he’s faulty. The only change agent that can wash you clean and bring you to a place where you’re constantly renewed in the heart and mind is Jesus. And today, He is more than willing to begin a good work in you.

It’s not enough to appear physically attractive, you have got to have your heart in check… Jesus is a perfect fixer, you don’t have to “fix yourself” or be uninterested in being better, there’s help in CHRIST.

That’s the good news!

Itohan Bello Ugo-Okwumah

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