The End Time!

The End Time!

I was looking through IG feeds yesterday at noon when I spotted a very immoral Nigerian music video, my first instinct was to turn away so as not to corrupt my mind, but my spirit drew me back to watch the video. And I did! Since I gave my life to Christ this was my first contact with what used to be my old life. I was saddened by what I had seen; naked girls, alcohol and weed and all of that which didn’t please God. Worst still was the lyrics of the song, as I listened, I realized the song was empty and void of morals.

I immediately fell into a trance of what the true meaning of Lucifer being an angel of music meant. Ever since he was cast out of Heaven by the Father he boldly decided to use this medium to gather many to his kingdom. I almost cried, I wailed in my mind, and I was so sad at how dirty our world had become! I got consoled when I realised it was in the book of revelations. Indeed, people, these are perilous times. The world is heading to a wrap. THE END TIME.

I decided to look through the almost 40-something comments to see if there was one sane person who realised this song was demonic. Unfortunately, I found none. Every single comment read “Hot, love it, ride on, please drop the song, we can’t wait, you’re my best artist, we love you, nice jam”. What was more painful to me was the fact that these people didn’t see anything wrong. And when I was in the world, I definitely will be found among these people doing the same, praising such a demonic song. We forget that entertainment and what we feed our eyes go a long way in what we plant in our hearts. The devil has soiled the world such that wrong has become right and vice versa.

We are in the end time and the best you can do is seek your refuge in God. It’s not too late to run home. Please come home, Jesus Loves you and wants you to be among the train when the roll is called up yonder. God bless you and I pray for His Grace to always, not sometimes but always be with you even in this world of strife. The devil is a liar and we believers will have victory at last. Always use the word of God to back up your faith, His Word is a strong tower for us. Romans 12:2 is a powerful one for times like this, it says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will”.

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