Stop The Selfishness

Stop The Selfishness

A large proportion of humans are self-centred and selfish. This fact has been proven over the years by various schools of thought and studies. If you disagree with this perspective of life then carefully observe your immediate environment as well as the marketplace of life. It is even worse in our world today but I personally and several others who have a good knowledge of God's Word, won't be surprised at all because the Bible shows us in "2 Tim. 3:1-4, Matt. 24:12". Amazingly, "SELFISHNESS" could lead to "WICKEDNESS" in most cases because they both originate from the same source.

It is very disheartening when I see CHRISTIANS display selfishness, it shouldn't be so because of the presence of CHRIST and the Holy Ghost in our spirits. Most times I wonder what type of Holy Ghost they received, if it is the same JESUS had, then we've got to function differently from everyday people in this regard and several other ways. I've seen a Christian couple who had only a little child with 5 different Vehicles and they had neighbours, committed church members and even relatives with larger families but without a car. This particular family drove past those in need and sometimes on rainy days but refused to help or give out one of their vehicles. I wonder how those who act in this manner sleep at night, brothers and sisters let God talk to you, let Him use you as His outstretched arm to those in need. "1John.3:17"

I can continue as this topic can be viewed from different perspectives. Here is another one, many believers don't care to pray and intercede for others especially those who are in a worse predicament. Carefully observe most of their prayer list/points, mainly filled with their desires. Many are concerned about their health, family, business, finances, spouses etc. They fill their minds with thoughts only on how to upgrade their material possessions and lifestyle. Planning and strategizing on how to make a statement among their circle of friends, associates and interestingly the world at large via the social media space. Oh, what an empty life of vanity!

How many pray and are concerned about widows, orphans, destitute or those fighting for their lives as a result of a health situation? A great Man of God and Father in the Faith once said "God talks to the man who cares" and so if you care enough, God will cause all grace to abound toward you and make your eyes fall on those in these situations, then you can help as well as be a blessing to them. You see, this has been my cogitation and my life has been this way.

Someone might say but Pastor I don't even have enough and so how do I give to others? Well! You've got something to give, start with intercession for others in a worse situation. You can also check your closet for things you've not used for some time that you could give out. It could be clothes, shoes, stationary for your kids like textbooks if they've moved to the next class, food items, gadgets etc. You can give care by visiting, counselling, mentorship etc. Let this Bible verse minister to you, (1 Cor. 10:24 MSB).

Many people are suffering in various countries of the world today with the hardship caused by inflation and other economic factors. It'll shock you that many don't even desire so much but just shelter and at least a square meal daily. I believe that if each one can reach one then the crime rate and wickedness we experience in our world today would be drastically reduced as many perpetrators of evil are into it due to negligence and extreme poverty. 

I trust that several around the world will come to the awareness of this altruistic lifestyle especially CHRISTIANS and the impact will be experienced positively in Jesus's gracious name Amen. Shalom!

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I got Born Again in my very early 20s after living a purposeless life. Despite being born and raised in a Godly home, I was always restless because the CALL of God in my Spirit was always fighting against the worldly life I was living in the flesh. I was invited to this particular Church Ministry by a childhood friend after being to many others at one time or the other with other friends. Then the Holy Ghost arrested me and began to receive training in Righteousness. I took that very seriously and got so committed that I was sent out as an Assistant Church Coordinator in less than a year to pioneer another local assembly. It has been from one level of success to the other in Ministry Leadership till I got transferred as a missionary to occupy an International Leadership Position. I served in these Leadership Positions for over 15 years before being led by God to pioneer this new platform of Ministry. I'm Happily married to Dcns. Folasde Asim-Ita and our union has been blessed with 2 Wonderful Children. I'm a Husband, Minister, Father and Entrepreneur