Put Some Spice In Your Marriage!

Put Some Spice In Your Marriage!

I remember when we first got married in our first apartment then, there was an elderly man who was our neighbour, and he loved us and cared about us.

One day, he called my hubby to order that he should stop calling me by name, that instead of calling me Biola, he should look for a sweet pet name to use for me.

Although as for me, I have always been calling him by the petname IFEMI. But hubby was always calling me Biola but in a sweet way sha.

My hubby took to correction and he started calling me Sweetheart, from then till now. My name is now sweetheart o. To the extent that our daughter calls me that name sometimes.

A Pet name is also needed as a spice in Marriage.

Stop calling your hubby by your children's name.

Some women will call their husbands this way: Daddy Daniel, Daddy Bukky, Daddy Tunde e.t.c. likewise, men call their wives: Mummy Gbenga, and Mummy Yemi. Hahaha, o wrong now. Why can't you be romantic now?

Look for a lovely pet name for your spouse e.g Ademi, Ifemi, sweetie, sweetheart, heart rob, Atanda mi, Mi Amor etc.

Seeing blossoming Marriages and children being raised in a godly and loving home is my utmost desire.

Abiola Cares.

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