Pulling Down Strange Altars

Pulling Down Strange Altars

Many things represent altars in our lives. Some were raised the day we were born, and some the day we got married, and for many, the day they ate the forbidden fruit of lust and sexual immorality just to mention a few. It is only normal we have a proper understanding of what exactly we are talking about before proceeding, therefore, let's get a proper definition of what an Altar is.

An altar is a place of connection, it’s a place of power. It can also be referred to as a place of covenant. It is a place of sacrifice and definitely not a place to joke, but a place of the auction. Some powers are working in that place and it could be negative or positive. Before the altar can come to be, blood has been shed. Like I said earlier, it’s a place of covenant and it serves as a means of connection. And I pray for you that every altar working against you shall collapse in Jesus Name.

An altar, like we already know is a place where covenants are been made. Some people have shed blood in a particular place and have said you shall serve their children. The truth is, some covenants have been made on your behalf and unless you break that connection, you are tied to that altar because there’s a covenant involved. An oath has been sworn and a covenant can’t be broken unless both parties involved come together to agree. I want us to know that the issue of an altar is a very serious one and should be taken with all seriousness. There are two types of altars, It’s either you’re operating under an altar controlled by God or the one controlled by the devil. If yours is controlled by God, I say congratulations but if not, may the power of the Almighty set you lose today In Jesus Name.

Why? A satanic altar is a place of destruction while the Altar of God is where destiny is been moulded to fulfil its glory. Now having said that, allow me to shed a little light as to what an altar really is, based on my earlier definition as I break it down.

An altar as a place of sacrifice:
Any time you approach the altar, whether you are bringing your offering or dancing towards it, always have it in mind that it’s a place of sacrifice. Through an altar, whether it’s your personal one or not, sacrifices are made to your God or gods, depending on whom you choose to serve.

An altar as a place of blood covenant:
Life determinant decisions are been made in altars whether for good or bad by the shedding of blood. For instance, our forefathers made covenants with various gods on our behalf and unfortunately, maybe the cause of so many problems today. Many made covenants with Ifa, Shango and Obatala just to mention a few and as Christians, we need to break those covenants before we can be totally free from the works of darkness. I mean, an oat was made and covenants are not easily broken unless by the mercy of God. 

Sadly, many homes today are without a child not because they are not fertile enough or not seeking the necessary medical assistance but because an agreement/pronouncement was made that unless they make sacrifices to the idol of that family or do certain other things unmentioned, they will never hear the cry of a child, just as many are still single, though due for marriage. This is one out of so many problems faced by many families today due to the oppression of evil altars but I pray that the Almighty will break every covenant that was made on our behalf that is affecting our life with His blood In Jesus Name.

An altar as a place where blood is crying:
Whenever blood is been shed on an altar, it begins to cry, and I’m sure we all understand what it means for blood to cry, it’s a terrible thing. I pray the Almighty will seize the voice of every blood crying against us and set us free from every evil altar that was raised to destroy our destiny In Jesus Name.

An altar as a spiritual dining table: 
Altars are places where food is been offered to the spirit. Whether for evil or godly purposes, it serves as a platform where spirits are been fed. For instance, as Christians, we praise and worship our Maker to welcome the Holy Spirit into our midst, while incantations are been made to usher in the spirit of their gods in evil altars.

An altar as a place of spiritual exchange:
As Christians, we worship and honour our Mighty God, rendering praises to His Holy name and in return, He gives us miracles. It’s also a place we make our supplication known, a place we pray and communicate with our God in form of a prayer request and return, He gives us testimonies and a heart full of Joy. On the other hand, it also serves as a place of exchange for those who have made up their mind not to follow the ways and teachings of the Lord and rather prefer to choose evil over good. There, you see people exchanging goats for human lives and little sums for untimely wealth and so on. 

John 3:16 â€” â€œFor God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”. This is an exchange of blood to redeem our life and the cross of Calvary was the place of exchange which of course, represents our various church altars today.

An altar as a place of fellowship:
Altars are places we fellowship in spirit and truth. It’s a place we worship and fellowship with our Creator; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It’s a place of connection and we become one with whoever it is we are looking up to, and that makes it easier to communicate with them. Now, the question is, who do you fellowship with?

An altar as a place of deliberation:
Brethren, we must know that an altar can work FOR or AGAINST us. Sin has subjected us to the bondage of evil altars and covenants. The good news, however, according to the book of Colossians 2:14-16 is that He has cancelled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross. In this way, He disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by His victory over them on the cross. 

In other words, an altar is a place of deliberation, it’s a place of decision, a place of action and it could either be positive or negative. I want us to know that consciously or unconsciously, altars work against our lives and may the Lord deliver us from evil altars In Jesus Name.

Now, what are the effects of evil altars?

To begin, curses can be issued at evil altars, so don’t joke with anyone waging a curse at someone from an evil altar. You know, destinies are diverted at evil altars. It is a place where the devil and his agents pass destructive judgment and unfortunately, even the children of God are not left out of these wrongful accusations. Lives are been controlled wrongly and those working under the influence of such altars struggle to achieve success. Do you know that generations can be dedicated/decided on this altar? The truth is, so many people are living but their destiny is been controlled in these altars. And to put the icing on the cake, most of the things you’ve spent the whole of your life struggling and looking for can be hidden in these altars we are talking about. It is a place of destruction, a place of limitation. The question to be asked now is, what is the way out?

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you notice the presence of any strange/demonic altar in your life and then repent of anything that could have connected you to that altar, renouncing your connection to it if any. Having done that, go ahead to resist them using the Word of God and violently with the help of your prayers, you will kill the priest at that altar. Afterwards, withdraw your name and virtues from this altar and destroy the altar by cursing it. Then, create a new altar between you and God.

However, as I conclude, I want you to know that you need aggressive prayers, this is not child’s play. Get on your knees aggressively and unrelentingly cry out to God and I pray that the Lord will hear your cry and deliver you today from every evil altar that has been raised to truncate your destiny. I pray also that He will destroy every evil covenant that has been made in the past on your behalf that’s not allowing you to live a fulfilled life. Finally, I pray He wears you a new garment and you will begin to flourish in all that you do in Jesus Name.

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