Puffed Up By Knowledge

Puffed Up By Knowledge

We know too many things...

Yes, so many things that we don't utilize.

The emphasis these days is "commit to #learning. Go for #knowledge. Take courses. Expand your mind and all that."

I'm not saying it's not good o. Of course, I'm also a strong advocate of that.

But the truth remains that most times even after we learn all these things we forget them and just move on.

Then later on, probably in the future when a need arises where we're supposed to deploy the knowledge we have acquired we start over again and start searching forgetting what we once learned.

Beyond seeking knowledge, I think it's high time we began to press into deep understanding.

It's not just about reading, do you understand what you read?

It's only when you fully put your mind to what you're learning that you will be able to remember it when the need arises.

And that's why you need to engage all the faculties of your mind while studying or learning anything especially these days when the average young person's attention span is low.

You see someone who was in a seminar for over 2-3 hrs, he leaves there and you ask him what was taught and he can't even remember one statement.

This shows that the information was just entering from one ear and going out through the other.

Why do you have to go over a particular academic concept till it makes sense enough for you to answer questions on it?

Well, you do that because you know that reading it once may not do the trick, so you have to go over it again and again.

Do you get my point now?

If you're just seeking knowledge just to boast that you've probably read over 25 books this year, then you're losing sight of the aim and we can confidently say that you're being puffed up by "knowledge".

The aim is not to be busy, but to be productive.

The aim is not to know so many things, but to accurately apply the ones we know.

When we need help in a particular area, can we trust you enough to deliver as someone who knows his/her onion?

Sometimes, just take out some time to go through your old journals and see the treasures you have there.

Truth be told, most people just take down notes to fulfill all righteousness and they never go over it again.

Once they just drop their pen and close the book, that's the end till the next time they need to go to church, school, or attend a summit.

Nah, it's not supposed to be so at all.

That question that is keeping you awake all night, the answer might just be in your jotter.

It's very possible that you asked your mentor that question of which he answered...the issue has come up again but you've forgotten what he taught you.

Check your old screenshots again, the notes on your phone, go through your archives... the need for this cannot be overemphasized.

If you have not understood the things you claim to know, there's no way it can even become a part of you and apparently there's no need to learn more.

You become a wise man/woman not just when you study, but when you study to show yourself approved. And this comes by intentional study, not haphazard ones.

As the year is coming to an end, intentionally take out time to do this exercise and you would be amazed to see what you have. You may even come across notes that would remind you of how faithful God has been to you over the years.

May we not be forgetful learners nor
those who learn but never come to the understanding of the truth. 

... through knowledge and discernment, the righteous will be rescued.

I love you unapologetically

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Precious Nmesoma Okoh

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