Perspectives On Living In Divine Health And Wellness

Perspectives On Living In Divine Health And Wellness

Our lives are a gift of trust given to us by God such that what we make of it becomes our sole responsibility and not His. Every man "human being" is a Spirit who has a soul and lives in a body; thus, we need our bodies for us to function legally in this earthly realm and so we must take good care of our bodies if we not only want to live long but also fulfil our God-given purpose.

God's initial plan was for man to live for all times but that changed as a result of the sin of Adam and so death came into existence. This affected our mortal bodies as well as many other things in this earthly realm. Despite this fact, it's still God's desire for us to live in health and wellness, the word reveals this to us in "3 John 1:2" and everyone must know some important factors that aid and cause our bodies to deteriorate daily.





Our "physical" ancestry can be traced to Adam and the fall of man, this is what makes the law of death operational. Man tends to age as he/she advances in life, also our biological ancestry. This is so important and I've shared thoughts on this in a previous article tagged "Awareness of your Ancestry". Certain health conditions run in the genes of certain families like Arthritis, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Diseases etc. This is passed from one generation to the other through the genes.

I believe that many today know that the devil is our adversary and he goes to and fro like the Bible shows us to seek ways to destroy lives, physical bodies etc. He takes advantage in most cases of these health conditions to attack and destroy our bodies and we must be on the offensive as God's children, keep our guard on always by counter-attacking through prayer and confessions of faith based on Christ's promises and sacrifices in our ted to live a healthy and prosperous life. It is often said that "Health is Wealth" so true because without good health and wellness of the mind, we can't achieve anything meaningful in life.

Knowledge on the other hand can't be overemphasized " Prov. 4:7, 11:9b ". Anyone who has a good awareness of his/her ancestry as well as the antics of the devil will stand a better chance in fighting the good fight of faith especially with the advantage of the Holy Ghost and this can be employed in various areas of life, not just in health issues. Everyone should have good knowledge of the times we're living in, the corruption in the world that has affected the production of food and medicines as this will guide us and help us achieve good "Feeding and Lifestyle" patterns, we would be able to choose the right kind of food. For instance, naturally grown crops over processed ones. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily and good sleeping patterns that are required by our bodies, regular exercises etc.

Good Feeding and Lifestyle patterns can be achieved through knowledge and discipline because it is one thing to know what is right and another to do/act on it. For instance, a lot of people know that smoking is bad and dangerous to their health but they still smoke, I've thought about this so many times and wondered why someone in his or her right mind would continue in a bad habit that will eventually cause damage over time. I concluded that this can be a result of spiritual bondage or indiscipline.  Another may be addicted to sugary drinks and food, a massive intake that would lead to abuse and result in Diabetes with time.

Living in "Divine Health and Wellness" is achievable if the factors in this article are carefully considered, remember anything is possible with God and if we put our hearts into doing it rightly. I trust that this blesses you, may God's beauty continually shine on our lives. Shalom!

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I got Born Again in my very early 20s after living a purposeless life. Despite being born and raised in a Godly home, I was always restless because the CALL of God in my Spirit was always fighting against the worldly life I was living in the flesh. I was invited to this particular Church Ministry by a childhood friend after being to many others at one time or the other with other friends. Then the Holy Ghost arrested me and began to receive training in Righteousness. I took that very seriously and got so committed that I was sent out as an Assistant Church Coordinator in less than a year to pioneer another local assembly. It has been from one level of success to the other in Ministry Leadership till I got transferred as a missionary to occupy an International Leadership Position. I served in these Leadership Positions for over 15 years before being led by God to pioneer this new platform of Ministry. I'm Happily married to Dcns. Folasde Asim-Ita and our union has been blessed with 2 Wonderful Children. I'm a Husband, Minister, Father and Entrepreneur