Nobody's Home

Nobody's Home

I saw an evangelical movie hours ago and while they were about to behead the Pastor for bringing a strange religion to their village, He began singing with so much joy to the Lord. Ah! You’re about to die and you’re so excited? I saw myself leaping for joy for Him too.

Now I realize how much I’ve grown. I used to fear death as a little girl and the thought of it irks me! But ever since I became one spirit and body with Christ, death is only the beginning of me, HALLELUJAH !!!

I’ve had moments (even several times this year) where I’ve had thoughts of death and even requested God “bribing Him” to call me home. I’m sorry about how that may come off but who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of being with Jesus in the real term?

For the believer, we have a glorious inheritance, the Joy of our ultimate salvation. This world is nothing compared to Heaven. I want to walk on that street of gold like the way I’ve been told.

While I stop this somewhat “uncomfortable conversation” depending on how you may perceive it, I leave you with this question: How prepared are you for death? Like the preacher in the movie I watched will you be bold enough to sing songs of joy that you’re about to meet the master or reverse is the case? That Joy can only be found if you have a relationship with Jesus. Not just being “Christian” but an actual follower of Jesus. Don’t even deceive yourself that you’re good. Even Christians still struggle with a lot of heart issues and are work in progress. How much more is one who isn’t in a relationship with God? Jesus is a perfect fixer, you don’t have to “fix yourself” or be uninterested in being better, there’s help in CHRIST. That’s the good news!

*Please LIVE for eternity, this place called Earth is nobody’s home.

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