Mental Prayer

Mental Prayer

A mental prayer is a form of meditational prayer, "performed without aid of any particular formula." It is distinguished from vocal prayers, "prayers performed using a given formula." The aim of mental prayer is 'to inflame souls with the love of God' and 'live without sin'

According to Teresa of Ávila, mental prayer is meditational prayer, in which the person is like a gardener, who, with much labour, draws the water up from the depths of the well to water the plants and flowers.

It is morally impossible for him who neglects meditation to live without sin. Because of its incompatibility with sin, nobody can continue the practice of mental prayer in the state of mortal sin. They will either repent or quit the practice of mental prayer. It is a means of making available the graces needed for a persevering faith. He who neglects mental prayer needs no devil to carry him to hell. He brings himself there with his own hands. The soul cannot triumph over the demon's forces without mental prayer.

Meditation is the reasoned discourse on some supernatural truth, meaning any truth related to God and the spiritual life. The basic framework, however, contains the following three elements: "consideration of some supernatural truth, application of that truth to one's life, and the resolution to do something about it."

I conclude, Francis of Sales advised: begin all prayer, whether mental or vocal, by an act of the Presence of God. If you observe this rule strictly, you will soon see how useful it is." He says that God is everywhere and is in our hearts and souls. Thus, "a blind man when in the presence of his prince will preserve a reverential attitude if told that the king is there, although unable to see him."

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