Humility And Patience

Humility And Patience

I've observed closely in our world today that many people lack the virtues of "Humility and Patience". This has been exhibited in the last two decades especially amongst the youths and in several sectors of life's industry. A good illustration is in the school system, a lot of students aren't humble enough to study and advance patiently from one level or class to the next but would rather fight the system as a result of pride and impatience. Imagine a student trying to go through a 6-year course in 4 years or a young apprentice hoping to learn a skill/trade that should last 7 years in 3 years just to amass wealth in the shortest time possible.

When we look through the scriptures in many Bible accounts, we'll discover many characters and great Men of Faith were "Humble and Patient". They sacrificed and went through disheartened times to either fulfill their call or achieve good success in the situation of life they found themselves in. You can study "Gen 29 ", it shows us Jacob's "Humility and Patience" in the display as well as David in 2 Sam 9 and 1 Sam 24. David would have killed Saul when he had the opportunity to become King hastily but he didn't and rather waited patiently for God's timing and arrangement. There is so much for us to learn from these stories, Apostle Paul also admonished the Colossian Church in Col 3:12. along with this thought of Christian behavior.

Many youths in our society today are very proud and impatient, several want to achieve success overnight. In several institutions sadly even in church organizations, the leaders do not care about the process but rather the results irrespective of the means, everyone wants to celebrate success at any cost. This character of the Antichrist spirit is operational right before our eyes in these last days. Several do not want to be corrected or rebuked, you see many youths with insulative communication on social media platforms when interacting with another individual whom they know doesn't belong to their age group. We can make our points or convey our perspectives regarding a conversation or topic of discussion with "humility and patience" with one another.

 "One can't act or do better if he/she doesn't know better", hence the essence of this article. All hands must be on deck as we must continually teach and talk about these virtues that are relatively scarce in our society in recent times. This indeed cannot be overemphasized, these thoughts must be shared in homes, schools, and various establishments. It's my prayer that after reading this article, you'll become a change agent practicing and teaching this idea of truth in Jesus's gracious name Amen. Shalom!

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I got Born Again in my very early 20s after living a purposeless life. Despite being born and raised in a Godly home, I was always restless because the CALL of God in my Spirit was always fighting against the worldly life I was living in the flesh. I was invited to this particular Church Ministry by a childhood friend after being to many others at one time or the other with other friends. Then the Holy Ghost arrested me and began to receive training in Righteousness. I took that very seriously and got so committed that I was sent out as an Assistant Church Coordinator in less than a year to pioneer another local assembly. It has been from one level of success to the other in Ministry Leadership till I got transferred as a missionary to occupy an International Leadership Position. I served in these Leadership Positions for over 15 years before being led by God to pioneer this new platform of Ministry. I'm Happily married to Dcns. Folasde Asim-Ita and our union has been blessed with 2 Wonderful Children. I'm a Husband, Minister, Father and Entrepreneur