Human Psychology And Situational Responses

Human Psychology And Situational Responses

The world is full of about eight billion people in different countries and continents with various cultures and religions. The Mentalities/belief system of these people has a major effect positively and negatively on their Values, Educational system, Marriage, religion and situational responses. The Bible verse in "Prov. 23:7" can be seen in display if we observe the lives of various individuals and groups of people closely in different parts of the world.

I had a lot of challenges and I'm certain that some others also who had to relocate from a particular country or region of the world to another, having had to view life from one perspective because I was born and raised in a country for close to three decades and didn't get to reside in another. I observed and thought that many things in the new location were not only strange but wrong, but thank God for the written Word "The Holy Bible" which is our guide and standard as believers. If not I would have started a new mission of Judgement and condemnation as some today are doing. I had to do a lot of unlearning and relearning with God's Word now basically and not just the things I was taught, and viewed in the location of my birth over those long years.

Other factors affect our situational responses such as emotions, stress, depression, past experiences and life challenges. " Hurting people hurt others" As often said, you can't expect to get a warm reception or response from a depressed person except on very rare occasions. The economic situation in several countries today has caused mixed emotions, stress and depression in the lives of many individuals and families. "Be that as it may, as believers we shouldn't allow our lives to be controlled by these factors and life challenges but rather use the "Bible" as our life manual and standard.

Learn to be joyful and full of hope regardless of what comes against you or how others see and treat you. Don't be offended if you reach out for support either financially, morally or otherwise from others and they don't respond to you, view it as they weren't the channel of blessings designed for you but instead fix your gaze on the Lord as He'll come to your aid through some other ways or people. Don't also be quick to judge or condemn others as you may not know their pain or experiences and you could act in the same manner or even worse if you were in their tracks. (Matt. 7:1, Jas. 4:12) MSB.

Another thing is to be thankful to the Lord for your knowledge of His word and the level of exposure and ability you have. Many would have acted better if they had these three factors that a few possess" Bible Knowledge, life exposure, financial and social ability". This article should make you understand why different people respond and act differently in life situations. I trust that this has blessed you, Shalom!

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