Have You Ever Felt Like God Has Departed You?

Have You Ever Felt Like God Has Departed You?

Have you ever felt like God has departed you? Felt dirty? Not worthy? Empty?.... All of these are not of Christ, but the devil’s way of casting us from God’s presence through our thought process. 

Even as Christians, there are times the devil tries to make us feel like we’ve erred and are not worthy to be Christ’s own. Two days back, I spotted a lizard somewhere and I told my cousin, “look at that idiot, sitting right there like he owns the building” I said this because I don’t like lizards. He laughed at my statement because he initially thought I was referring to a human, the way I was so disgusted was funny to him when he found out it was a lizard I was referring to. But guess what? It didn’t take long before I heard the devil speak through my mind, he said “woohoo, look who just cursed God’s creation”. I cannot remember the last time I used a swear word on a human because the Holy Spirit has guided me to that extent. But the devil was telling me that I just sinned against God. 

For many, in scenarios when the devil makes them feel dirty, they drift apart from God and feel, “yeah God doesn’t like me, He won’t forgive me and all”. And so they take it as an excuse to move on. I am here to correct that notion. In as much as you realize you probably shouldn’t have done what you did or said, it is very paramount to ask God for forgiveness and move on with our relationship with Him. Rather than looking for excuses to accuse yourself as is the will of the devil, remember that our God is a merciful One who is always ready and present to wash us. Pray for forgiveness, and ask for Grace to do better and be better for Him. My relationship with God has helped me filter what is right and what is wrong. And anytime the Spirit lets me know that I have sinned, I run to my father (God) and ask for Mercy, and He immediately takes it away and helps me not repeat such. 

We must work on our relationship with God. He’s our guide, defender, and helper. He’s always present with us if only we open up to Him and relate with Him like a Lover, like a physical being. We are worthy of His love! By nature we are sinners, but by His son, we live in the spirit and are dead in the flesh! Hold on to Him. 

May His Grace continually abide with us, help us live right, and defend our hearts whenever the devil comes around us.

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