God Understands What You Are Going Through

God Understands What You Are Going Through

Do you feel all alone?

Do you feel like the issues keep piling up and you don’t know what to do?

Yes, we all have these moments.

The moment where everything seems bleak and no idea what the day has to offer or even the coming days.

But guess what, God understands! He actually does!

He knows what it is to be hungry, He has been hungry, He knows what it is to be rejected, He was rejected, He knows what it is to be left alone, yes, at His most pressured moment He felt like He needed the company of His disciples, guess what, they slept on Him.

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What phase of life are you at currently? What trouble are you having that seems like you are the only one going through it?

You are not alone, Jesus walked this earth too, He felt every of the trouble that we feel as humans, He can relate….

You are not alone, you are not alone!

God understands, even when you don’t understand.

We keep thinking that He doesn’t understand because it’s a new generation and the way of life and things happening right now seem a little too ancient for Him to comprehend.

Mind check! He has been right where you stand, He is called the beginning of all things and days and the end of all days.

He has stood right where you stand and so He feels what you feel; the agony, the fear, the shame, the pain, the endless tears, Jesus cried too you know.

This is not some I have heard this before writing, He seems distant, No!

The word says, He is close to the brokenhearted and we have a high priest that has been and felt ALL that we currently feel.

We do not serve a God that is un-relatable, He is God and so very relatable.

So raise your head up, smile, thank Him for the past, thank Him that you are alive right now, thank Him that Life is worth living because of Him, and thank Him because this moment will pass too.

For everything, there is a time and a season under the heavens.

That work He has started in you, He will see it to the end.



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Mary Ajagbe is a Spiritual Influencer, an author, a trained Coach, an NLP practitioner and also a Minister of God. She studied Radio Production and Mass communication and she has attended quite a number of training, all of which she uses to empower and transform the lives the Father (God) brings her way. I would love to read from you.