Go Into Marriage With God

Go Into Marriage With God

Go into marriage with GOD.

There are reasons!!!

It’s better to be single and wait until God gives you someone who’s born of HIS spirit than go into marriage with “other good qualities.”

Marriage itself is another world, imagine being alive without God?? Hmm dear singles, I may not be a year in the institution of marriage yet, but take this advice from me for free, MARRY WHO CARRY GOD O!

I’m not talking about “I know God”. I’m speaking of BORN AGAIN! Holy Ghost filled and submitted Christian. Remember you also have to be serious with God. It starts with you!

Na when you enter finish you go understand. It’s better to enter with God. When God is in it with you, you’ll enjoy and not endure your home. And if you’re already married and can relate to the deep things I may not necessarily say out here, it is not too late to invite God to fix your home. He is able!

Surrender yourself to Jesus and ask Him to take over your spouse’s heart too, then you both can REST!

A three strand cord is not easily broken. God+ You+ Your Spouse= PEACE!

Even Christian marriages built on the foundation of Christ have their ups and downs. Dating Relationships also have their hurdles, how much more marriage!

There are diverse things godly marriages don’t have to deal with because Jesus is in them. There are also diverse things they will encounter but will be fixed because of JESUS IN THE HOME!

It’s Jesus that helps me apologize to my husband even when I don’t want to. In my five months of being married, I cannot count the number of instances and situations I have had to THANK GOD for being in the marriage with me. Not saying that I married wrongly, but there are certain things God teaches and empowers me to do in my marriage that I cannot do on my own without His Spirit. The same applies to my husband.

See, I don’t know how to explain this thing rightly, just take it from me! MARRY WHO CARRY JESUS!

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