Challenges Unlock The Doors Of Success

Challenges Unlock The Doors Of Success

I have heard and seen many give up at the point of breakthrough because they lose faith in their abilities. Some out of being desperate lose hope and then blame their shortcomings on God forgetting that He's too faithful to fail us (Listen to "Too Faithful by Moses Bliss).

Sometimes all it takes is just a little push from the point when it all feels bleak and dark to see that glimmer of hope we so desperately need. There's always light at the end of the tunnel if only we can persevere long enough.

Nothing good comes easy, when it gets harder, know that you're closer to the finish line and that's when the devil comes with his mind games to cheat you out of your glorious destiny. 

This applies to every sphere of life — Marriage, Ministry, Business and when trying to build a career to name a few. For instance, in construction, so many things are put into consideration before the final stages of installation and water test in the case of windows and curtainwall installations.

The client and contractor have a series of meetings deliberating over the design, material, installation processes and procedures, and most importantly, funds to facilitate the project — Some are finalized instantly while others take days, weeks and months of consultation and deliberations to arrive at a common goal.

What this simply means is that a bridge is not built in a day, and neither is the journey of a thousand miles completed in a day. Efforts and relentless sacrifices from all are what form the very foundation by which the blueprint was made. However, all these don't guarantee a smooth and successful operation, there are bound to be obstacles/challenges, both internally, externally and naturally to deal with. At the end of the project, a lot would have gone down and so much more will be encountered; as a man striving for success.

What I am trying to say is that challenges are the very keys that unlock the door to greatness, achievement, reconciliation and celebration of man. Without adversity, nothing grows. Ever wondered why a seed has to die first in the soil before it germinates? Sometimes it takes the process of death and rebirth to blossom. It may appear as though there is good in cutting corners but life is about process hence if you want good ‘success’ that stands the test of time, you must be willing to do the time— Trust and wait on the Lord. 

Not all successes are good but God promises us good ‘success’ and a prosperous way if we keep our minds stayed on Him - Joshua 1:8

Challenges will come but fear not. Face every challenge with a smile, knowing everything will eventually work for the good of those that love God. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning —Psalm 30:5

Be encouraged knowing that the challenges you are going through only lead you to one place— Fulfilment. However, that depends wholly on how you see them. If you see them as 'PROBLEMS' they'll only end up as that. Develop a positive mindset towards life and your adversities will now be perceived as stepping stones that pave the way to success.

Many thanks for reading.

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