Building A Bridge

Building A Bridge

A lot of problems in our societies and the world today are caused by youths who lacked fatherly training and upbringing at home.

Sadly, another chance they get to be raised in church is jeopardized because many church ministries and organizations don't teach and practice good Christian character as the early missionaries sent to Africa did but rather focus on financial prosperity and church attendance and membership growth at the expense of the former.

This is disheartening, we've got to build a bridge between the fathers in the faith and young ministers to unite these Christian virtues and discipline. May fresh dew from Heaven fall upon the Church of Christ especially in Africa in Jesus's merciful name Amen.

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I got Born Again in my very early 20s after living a purposeless life. Despite being born and raised in a Godly home, I was always restless because the CALL of God in my Spirit was always fighting against the worldly life I was living in the flesh. I was invited to this particular Church Ministry by a childhood friend after being to many others at one time or the other with other friends. Then the Holy Ghost arrested me and began to receive training in Righteousness. I took that very seriously and got so committed that I was sent out as an Assistant Church Coordinator in less than a year to pioneer another local assembly. It has been from one level of success to the other in Ministry Leadership till I got transferred as a missionary to occupy an International Leadership Position. I served in these Leadership Positions for over 15 years before being led by God to pioneer this new platform of Ministry. I'm Happily married to Dcns. Folasde Asim-Ita and our union has been blessed with 2 Wonderful Children. I'm a Husband, Minister, Father and Entrepreneur