Before You Enter

Before You Enter

Right before you enter you need to know this and hold on to it dearly so you'll continue with it as you go in there!

Sisterly that wants a Fire-Made man, I hope you're also hot in the Lord.

It is beautiful to desire to marry a man filled with the Holy Spirit, but I hope you've not quenched the one in you, Aunty.

Some ladies can so want this and want that in a man when they get married to them, but do not want to do anything. Marriage isn't bread and butter or a relaxation center where you'd go in and make the ‘fireman’ become cold just because you slacked in your own space. 

Before you enter marriage, Be Equipped with how to be a wife!

Before you enter, Go and learn what parenting entails!

Go and "... Buy Wisdom and sell it not...", So you'd understand how you can be the helpmeet God has called you to that man!

If all you care about is how expensive the ring he'll give you must be, the event venue and the clothing for your wedding, hmm. You have missed it, ma.

Before you enter, make sure you have an ACTIVE PRAYER ALTAR and a Relationship with God!

Before you enter, learn skills and become a VALUE! Develop yourself to be an ASSET and not invest in ACCESSORIES!

And when you enter, help your husband fan his fire to flames as he'll be doing the same to you as well. 

Don't just wait for the right man, Build yourself to be the Right woman that will make him wish he had married you much earlier and not the reverse.

When you ENTER (right into marriage), Keep fulfilling your Purpose even more than you do it effortlessly while single, Sisto.

The Lord Help us sisters to be PREPARED in every sphere as we move on to the next phase (marriage). Amen.

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.