Be It Single Or An EP, The Goal Is To Satisfy Your Soul —Rising Star, Salle

Be It Single Or An EP, The Goal Is To Satisfy Your Soul —Rising Star, Salle

Nigerian fast-rising singer and songwriter, Salle born Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters sprung to the limelight after a post by Blogger, #Tundeednut in September 2021 where she was seen singing with a tray on her way back from her daily routine from her mother’s shop on the street of Owerri

She took over the internet with her angelic voice after her video went viral on Instagram and have gone from 986 followers on Instagram to 265,000 in less than two weeks, indeed her voice is priceless It touched everyone’s heart and her sounds are unique.

The young afro-fusion artist makes conscious music with deep lyrics for the soul and attesting to this she further stated, “My prior aim is to make good music at the end of the day and live forever in people’s souls. I have a lot of amazing projects am working on and so far so good I can promise the world good music. Be it single or an #EP the goal is to satisfy your soul.”

Speaking about her music she shared, “I literally make conscious music and I believe in my sound as am exceptional because my sound always comes through for me and it’s evergreen. Good music is conscious and honest music as I believe in honesty and clarity in whatever I spit out. I grew to understand that you don’t need much to make music and I strongly made music a priority.”

Salle has had a passion for songs from childhood, starting her own girl group at the age of 10 with friends from primary school and wrote all their songs for competitions and as a way of relief from depression and hardship. From there she discovered that she had a talent for songwriting, but never took it seriously because of the lack of confidence which she has battled with ever since. On what inspires her, she added, “I get inspired by life itself, which basically includes my everyday activities and people around me. I’m very creative and while am sitting I get work done in my head, especially in my own space and time. I’d love to work with #WandeCoal because he makes conscious music and he sings beautifully. I practically grew up learning and listening to him. Another artist who taught me that am not too young to achieve whatever I want is #Wizkid. I’d love to work with him because he’s indeed a star.“

 Source: The Sun

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