Awareness Of Your Ancestry

Awareness Of Your Ancestry

Life is spiritual and whether people are aware of this doesn't change this reality. The spiritual indeed controls the physical and many today and in the past who walked this earth would have gotten better results if they knew and functioned with this principle at heart.

There are spiritual and physical attributes that are being transferred from generation to generation and it'll be this way until the end of the world. Traits like anger, tall height, sicknesses, talents etc. are transferred through one's ANCESTRY and they could be positive and negative ones. 

The advantage we have as CHRISTIANS is that the wisdom of Christ is deposited in our hearts, we must maximize this virtue and use it to develop and improve those positive attributes we've received from our ANCESTRY while on the other hand, we must "fight the good fight of faith"(1Tim. 6:12) as the Bible shows us against negative traits, habits, sicknesses etc. We've got treasures in these earthen vessels

Please note that some of these may require a better lifestyle, feeding rightly and not just spiritual warfare. It'll be inappropriate knowledge to believe that as soon as you receive Christ into your heart, none of these negative traits would affect your life, remember that the devil is our adversary. He'll want to use those negatives against you; thus, we must be on the offensive at every stage of our lives.

In conclusion, having a good AWARENESS of your ANCESTRY helps you to live a better and more fulfilled life on earth. I would to God that many people knew and functioned with this reality, especially CHRISTIANS. SHALOM!

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I got Born Again in my very early 20s after living a purposeless life. Despite being born and raised in a Godly home, I was always restless because the CALL of God in my Spirit was always fighting against the worldly life I was living in the flesh. I was invited to this particular Church Ministry by a childhood friend after being to many others at one time or the other with other friends. Then the Holy Ghost arrested me and began to receive training in Righteousness. I took that very seriously and got so committed that I was sent out as an Assistant Church Coordinator in less than a year to pioneer another local assembly. It has been from one level of success to the other in Ministry Leadership till I got transferred as a missionary to occupy an International Leadership Position. I served in these Leadership Positions for over 15 years before being led by God to pioneer this new platform of Ministry. I'm Happily married to Dcns. Folasde Asim-Ita and our union has been blessed with 2 Wonderful Children. I'm a Husband, Minister, Father and Entrepreneur